Movie Quotes from Prince of Egypt, The: Quotes from the movie Prince of Egypt, The

1) The punishment for which is… 2) DEATH!!! 1) We hesitate to say it.

1)guards! There is, is a man tied up in my room! Well….Look into it! 2) Right away Prince Moses!

1)the weak link in the chain! That’s what he called me

1. I do not know this god, neither will I let your people go. 2. But Rameses…1. I WILL NOT BE THE WEAK LINK! As of today, tell your people that their work load has doubled thanks to your god…or is it thanks…to you?

1.admit it moses, youv’e always looked up to me 2. Yes, but its not much of a view!

1: Come on, Moses, admit it! You’ve always looked up to me.
2: Yes, but I have to say, it’s not much of a view.

1: i remember when you switched the heads in the temple of Ra.. *chuckling*
2: as i recall you were there switching heads with me.
1: No, I don’t think i was there.
2: Oh yes, you were. You put the hippo on the croccidile and the crocidile-
1: On the falcon… I remember!
2: yes! The preists thought it was a terrible omen and fasted for months! You were always getting me into trouble!… But then, you were always there… ot get me out of trouble again…

But *****…you are just one man.

But I am showing you all the respect you deserve…none!

Goodbye, brother


I am so upset!

I can see it now, there goes the pyramids!!

I will call you moses!

I will not be dictated to, I will not be threatened. I am the morning and evening star. I am Pharaoh!

I will not be given to anyone, especially some arrogant pampered palace brat!

I will NOT be the weak link!

Let my people go

Let my people go!

Look at your people, *****. They are free.

Mirriam: Hush now my baby, be still love don’t cry, sleep as your rocked by the stream, sleep and remember my last lullibye, so I’ll be with you when you dream.

Moses: Rameses! Let my people go!

Quit this futial mission moses!

Rameses: You were always getting me into trouble! But…you were always there to get me out of trouble again.

River oh river, flow gently for me.

That’s why Papa says she’ll NEVER get married!

there can be miracles when you believe though hope is frail its hard to kill

You and your people have my permission…to go.

You are NOT the prince of egypt!

You are our deliverer!

You will regret this night!

You’re getting the funny man out of the well, well that’s one I haven’t heard.

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