Movie Quotes from Primary Colors: Quotes from the movie Primary Colors

Come back, Shane. Run for president!

Ed:Hell I’m blacker then you are. I got a little slave in me, I can feel it!

From now on you can call me the ‘Dust Buster’. I’m stronger than dirt.

He’s poked his pecker in some sorry trash bins.

How much spin does it take to win?

I am a gay lesbian woman! I do not mythologize the male sexual organ!

I think we’re the woods and the bear just sh#t on us.

I’m going to tell you something really outrageous. I’m going to tell you the truth.

I’ve never heard a president use words like ‘destiny’ and ‘sacrifice’ without thinking ‘bullshit.’

That’s just it…That’s the whole everfuckin point Lucille

That’s what these guys do. They love you and then they stop loving you.

The only shot we have here is to be perfect.

We can do incredible things. We can change this country. I’m gonna win this thing. Look me in the eye, Henry, and tell me that you don’t want to be a part of it.

Your grandfather was a great man. Jack Stanton could also be a great man, if he wasn’t such a faithless, thoughtless, disorganized, undisciplined shit.

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