Movie Quotes from Primal Fear: Quotes from the movie Primal Fear

(1) So there never was any Roy?
(2) There was never any Aaron

…but he got scared and d’uh

1) Can I help you? 2) I’m looking for a room where a kid named Aaron Stampler stayed in? 1) Are you the police? 2) I’m its’ Uncle..

1) If this tape contains what you said it does, then the last thing I’d do is give it to you. It would give you motive. 2) You’d have to give it to me. You can’t present it in court the jury would despise you for ruining the bishop’s memory. But if you get me to show it, motive or no motive, I’m the one that looks bad and you gain sympathy for your poor little abused boy. 1) You think so? 2) I hate you!

1) Look maybe we already have the kid who did this. We have to at least consider the possibility that he did it. All the evidence is pointed at his direction and you refuse to even look at it- 2) I’m not refusing to look at anything- I DON’T THINK HE DID IT!

1) Maam, I’m going to have to ask you to put that down 2) It’s a BAR for christsakes!

1) Mr. Goodman, have you ever been to my apartment? 2) No, I haven’t.. 3) By that I mean my apartment building 4) Allegedly… 5) Oh I’m sorry you’re confused whether you have or you haven’t, ‘allgedly’ doesn’t quite fit into it..

1) These people depend on me 2) I don’t give a shit, send them checks from California!

1) This kid that killed the Archbishop is our new client? 2) Tommy, you’re going to have to learn how to use the word ‘aledge’ into your vocabulary, especially if you want to become an attorney.

1) What happened to your face 2) Oh I…banged it…accidentally 3) No Marty, that was a girl on her way out.

1) What’s the matter, Marty, lost your faith? Looking for a little religion? 2) So who’s the headline chaser here? 1) Unlike you, I was assigned to this case.

1) Where’s the tape? 2) There’s some pretty sick stuff on that tape. 1) Where did it come from? 2) It was left on my doorstep last night, no note. 1)Vale? 2) Who else. 1) That prick….what do you think he’s up to? 2) I honestly don’t know. 2) Cut the crap, Janet, you were ballin’ him, for christ sakes!

1)Hey, you know what I can do with this thing? 2)Oh, how the hell should I know?!

1)The Butcher Boy? 2)Oh, yes, that’s right. I forgot his real name.

A small piece of advice: Don’t use the word ‘heinous’ in court.

Aaron (Roy): Who the fuck are you?
Marty: Who the fuck are you?

Aaron couldn’t kick his own ass

All they want to do is eat, sleep, watch TV, and occasionally fuck their wives.

Bishop Rushman: Now go to her Aaron… Good… Take off her blouse… Linda, help out… Good… Now take him in your mouth Linda… Yes… Help him… isn’t that sweet… Good… Now take her from behind Aaron… Aaron! Take her from behind!

By the way, you pleading the fifth on the charges was brilliant…

Cute porno, part of your collection?

Do you know what I would do if someone did that to me? I would kill him, I wouldn’t hesitate. I would stab him 78 times. I would chop off his fingers, slash his throat open, carve numbers in his chest, gouge out his eyes, I swear to God! …But that’s me.

He’s got a lawyer? Already? Who?

Heeeeeerrreeeee’s motive.

How can your timing be so good in a courtroom and so bad in real life?

How dare you!? What am I a chess piece you can move around anytime you want?

I don’t need a Mercedes….I don’t need to see my face on the evening news.

I guess that ‘8’ was a ‘B’ after all.

I haven’t seen this much lawyers and politicians gathered in the same room since confession this morning.

I saw the tape! I know what he did to you.

I sleep great at night.

I-I just ha-had to kill Linda, Mr. Vail. That cunt just got what she deserved. But cutting up that son-of-a-bitch Rushman–that was just a fucking work of art.

If you think you can use my courtroom to settle old scores, you are sorely mistaken. You are making a mockery of my courtroom and I’m not going to allow it.

It was a one night stand, Marty….it just lasted six months..

Marty: Yeah, I’m Martin Vail, from the public defender’s office. I’m handling the Aaron Stampler case.
Cop: Hmm, The Butcher Boy.
Marty: Yes, thank you, I forgot his real name.

Mr. Vail, anything is possible.

On my first day of law school, my law proffessor said ‘if your mother tells you she loves you, get a second opinion’

Pipes are bursting again, John.

Reasonable, no. But it is possible.

Thanks for the invite, but I don’t like one night stands all that much

Well good for you, Marty.

Well I guess now you have your third man, and the fourth man, and the fifth man…

Well, good for you, Marty.

What’s the matter, Marty? Nervous? Been a while since you rubbed up against a woman with a brain?

Why does talking about Linda Forbes upset you?

You are making a mockery of my courtroom and I’m not going to allow it. I suggest you start representing your client and stop representing yourself.

You know what they’re calling him already…the Butcher Boy of St. Nicks.

You print any of this, I’ll sue your fucking ass.

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