Movie Quotes from Prestige, The: Quotes from the movie Prestige, The

(1)Have you considered the cost of such a machine?
(2)Price is not an object.
(1) Yes, but have you considered the cost?

–Any last words? –Abracadabra.

-Remember when I told you about the drowning sailor?
-Yes. He said it was like going home
-I lied. He said it was agony

1)I never thought I’d find an answer at the bottom of a pint glass. 2)Hasn’t stopped you looking, has it?

A real magician tried to invent something new that other magicians are gonna scratch their heads over.

A: Which hat is mine? B: They are all your hat, Mr. Angier.

Are you watching closely?

Every great magic trick consists of three acts. The first act is called The Pledge; The magician shows you something ordinary, but of course… it probably isn’t. The second act is called The Turn; The magician makes his ordinary some thing do something extraordinary. Now if you’re looking for the secret… you won’t find it, that’s why there’s a third act called, The Prestige; this is the part with the twists and turns, where lives hang in the balance, and you see something shocking you’ve never seen before.

Exact science, Mr. Angier, is not an exact science.

He lives his act.

It was the greatest magic trick I’ve ever seen.

Man’s reach exceeds his imagination.

No one cares about the man in the box, the man who disappears.

Obsession is a young man’s game.

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