Movie Quotes from Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment: Quotes from the movie Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment

1)Now can anyone tell me how this happened! (holds up hairy hands). 2)I don’t know sir, but if you don’t stop you could go blind.

I hope this doesn’t get too akward, Sir. I already heard what you said about my little butt.

If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine!
Ok, it’s a T-40 replica gun from Italy.

Jughead?! My mother’s name was Jughead!

Mahoney, (yells) I’m a virgin! . You people go about your business before I crack some skulls!

My mothers name was jughead

Sometimes this bar never makes it to a happy hour.

Thank you very much, I found a lot of excellent bargains here.

VINNIE:Don’t sit in the broken chair! MAHONEY:All right! I saw it!
VINNIE:You want something to eat? There’s some eggs on the stove.
MAHONEY:No,no I’m fine,I’m fine! I’ll get something later!
(to himself) A tetanus shot maybe.

Why the hell do you have glue on your head?
It’s my religion.

You squashed my broccoli!!!!

You’re not playing with a full deck are you?
Oh I dont play cards.

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