Movie Quotes from Point of No Return: Quotes from the movie Point of No Return

B-Why do you talk so dirty, Maggie?
M-Why do you talk so faggy, Bob?

B-You stupid ignorant little girl. You think you can just pout and decide that you don’t want to play anymore? I mean where do you think you are? Don’t you understand anything that I’ve said? M- I mean it.
B-You don’t know what your talking about. M-I’m through, I’m out! B- Listen, which word don’t you understand? There is no out, there is no through, ther is no out!

I must piss

I never did mind about the little things.

I’m the Cleaner.

Oh, I think she’s saying… Stick it in me twice a day, and I’ll do anything for you. I’ll lick the ground you walk on.

You can’t just pout and decide you don’t want to play anymore.

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