Movie Quotes from Pleasantville: Quotes from the movie Pleasantville

(BOB) Are you alright?
What is it?



Real rain?

(BOB) Do you admit that
on the night of May 1, you did
consciously and willfully apply
the following FORBIDDEN colors to
the Pleasantville Town Hall:
Red, Pink, Vermillion, Puce,
Chartreuse, Umber, Blue, Aqua, Ox
Blood, Green, Peach, Crimson,
Yellow, Olive and Magenta.

Um … Yes I do. Where’s our

(DAVID) You can’t do this, Jennifer. I WARNED

So what’s the big deal. Oh. Okay.
They’re like not good at basketball
anymore. Like–omigod, what a tragedy.

(JENNIFER) I’m gonna hurl, David. I swear to God.

Just take deep breaths.

All that animal fat. I feel it in my
pores or something.

(JENNIFER) It’s too weird David. This place is
giving me the creeps. Did you know all
the books are blank?


I looked in the library. They got covers
with nothing inside them.

What were you doing in a library?

I got lost.

(JENNIFER) Pleasantville Marathon?

Yeah. Every episode ever.

Omigod, I don’t be-lieeeeve this! He’s
gonna like beeeee here!

Weil great. You can watch TV upstairs.

Upstairs! Up-staiiirs! There isn’t any

(JENNIFER) Those are my friends?

Peggy Jane, Lisa Anne and Betty Jean.

Can we do any better?

I don’t think so.

Oh, I dunno Bud. Guess I’ll have my
usual cheeseburger and a cherry coke.
Oh, I dunno Bud. Guess I’ll just have a
salad and an Evian Water.

(SKIP) I don’t know if I ever said this to you
before, but, well … I think you’re
just about the keenest girl in the whole
school …

Really Skip? The keenest?

(SKIP) To be honest Mary Sue. I didn’t think
you’d want to come here until we’d been
pinned for a little while.

Oh, Skipp. You can ‘pin’ me any time you
want to……or maybe I should just pin you…

(SKIP) Well … If I was to ask your sister …
What I mean is, if I was to go up to
Mary Sue …

Oh my God! Are we in that episode?

–Ray Campbell’s got a blue front door! — It’s always been blue!

… For those of you going on to college
next year, the chance of finding a good
job will actually decrease by the time
you graduate. Entry level jobs will drop
from thirty-one to twenty-six percent,
and the median income for those jobs
will go down as well …

… There’s a meatloaf in the fridge.
You just put it in the oven and turn
this little knob up to three-fifty.
If you put the pie in forty minutes
later, it’ll be hot in time for
dessert. I made a couple of lunches for you
and put them in brown paper bags …
I’m gonna go now…

1) Hey, Pumpkin! What’s that smell?
Is that your meat loaf?
2) ‘It might be …’


It might be.

1) Hiya Bud! 2) Hiya Skip! 1) Hiya Bud! 2) Hiya Skip! 1) Bud, can I ask you a question? 2) Sure. 1) Well, if I was to go up to your sister…What I mean is, if I was to go up to Mary Sue- 2) Oh, God. Are we in that episode?

1) Omigod, it’s so mortifying, being
related to him. I can’t believe you’re

Only on my parent’s side.

I know, but you’re like … twins and

You must be from like, the cool side of
the uterus.

1) Omigod, omigod–here they come.

Don’t do anything. Just don’t like–do
anything …

1) What’s outside of Pleasantville? 2) Well … There are some places where
the road doesn’t go in a circle.
There are some places where it keeps
on going.

1) Who’s that?

Skip Martin. Captain of the basketball

Does he–like ‘me’?

As a matter of fact he does.


1) Yeah…what’s outside of Pleasantville? 2)….I don’t understand.

1. Mary Sue, what goes on up on Lover’s Lane? 2. Sex 3. oh….what’s sex?

C’mon. Everyone’s turning colors.
Kids are making out in the street.
No one’s getting their dinner–
hell, you could have a flood any
minute … Pretty soon you could
have the women going off to work
while the men stayed home and
cooked …

dad’ it will go away .mom’ i don’t want it to go away!

David’s Mom- One day I thought this was it, this was how it was always going to be. I had the right job, I had the right house, I had the right life. (David)- There is no right car, there is no right life.(David’s Mom)- Geez how’d you get so smart all of a sudden? (David)- I had a good day.

David, cut it out. Mark Davis is gonna
like be here in five minutes.

Do you know why firemen only rescue cats? Because there’s no fire here! Nothing burns in this place…see there’s no fire! I could really use a cigarette too..

HELLO! I’ve got like three pounds of underwear on here!

Here. Why don’t you have some waffle

And there’s sausage and eggs and some
good crisp bacon …

… And a ham steak.

Hey Sport! Hi Muffin! Better get a move’ll be late for school!

hold on to values that made this place great

Honey! I’m home!

Honey! I’m home…..

Honey, I’m Home.

I did the slut thing, David. It got kinda old.

I knew you’d pay a price for this. I knew you couldn’t be so hopelessly geek-ridden for so long without suffering some really tragic consequences.

in the very first pleasantville episode, whos window did bud break?
easy mr. jenkins…what JOB did mr jenkins have?? ::pause:: …salesman. ok heres one…what did bud and mary-sue name the cat they found in the gutter?
MARMALADE! ok.ok.. why did george and betty come back early from their weekend at the lake? ::pause:: …because bud didnt answer the phone and they were worried about him.

…what time does it start?
marathon starts a 6:30 contest is tomorro at noon.
1000 bucks huh? and its on all night?
of course it is, howard, thats why they call it a marithon.

Jennifer:) You can pin me anytime, Skip. Or maybe I should just pin you. Skip: [laughs] That’s silly, Mary Sue. How could you possibly pin me?

Mary-sue…i sure think your swell

No, David. Nobody’s happy in a poodle skirt and a sweater set.

No, no David, nobody is happy in a poodle skirt and a sweaterset.

Oh don’t be silly you can’t go off to school without a nice hot breaskfast in your stomach!

Okay, now you listen to me! I don’t know
what’s going on but you’d better fix it! FAST!
I had a date with Mark Davis and I even
bought new UNDERWEAR!

that sounds silly, mary-sue

Think about it. Everyone changing colors. Kids are making out in the streets! Nobody’s getting their dinner, Hell, there can be a flood any minute now!

Uchh! Look at me?! I’m… pasty!

We’re like Nerdville..

We’re safe for now. Thank goodness we’re in a bowling alley.

We’re supposed to be at home David! We’re
supposed to be in color!

We’re supposed to be in color!

Well I’ve had like ten times as much sex as these girls and I’m still like this. They have one hour in the back of a car and suddenly they’re in technicolor.

Well, come on kids. You’re not going off
to school without a hot breakfast inside
you …

well, we’re safe now. thank goodness we’re in a bowling alley.

What were you doing in a library?

Where’s my dinner?

You can’t stop something that’s inside of you!

You really think anybody’s gonna, like,
notice if I don’t have a chocolate malt
with this guy.

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