Movie Quotes from Pillow Talk: Quotes from the movie Pillow Talk

–Officer, arrest this man. He’s taking me up to his apartment.
–Well, I can’t say that I blame him, Miss.

–Well, what am I missing?
–If you have to ask, you’re missing it.

1)I do hate to interrupt, but would you mind hanging up, please? 2)Who’s that? 3)The other half of my party line. Just ignore her, she’ll go away.

1)If waht you say about this man is true, we may be forced to…disconnect him. 2)Good.

1)It’s too personal. 2)This? 1)Yes. 2)If I gave you perfume, if I gave you lingerie–that would be personal. But a car?

1)Jan, marry me and I’ll smother you with private phones. 2)I’d better leave. That kind of talk could sweep a girl off her feet.

1)Jonathan, I don’t love you. 2)Well, that’s absurd.

1)Mr. Allen, I’m from the telephone company. 2)Well, hello. 1)I’m Miss Dickinson. I’m an inspector. 2)What would you like to inspect? 2)YOU.–I mean, we’ve recieved a complaint about you. 2)Well, I’ve never had any complaints before.

1)My analyst will never believe this. 2)Neither will mine.

1)She’s the most talented person I’ve ever met. 2)That’s what you said when you married that stripper.

1)Would you please get off this phone? 2)Who is that woman? 3)Some little eavesdropper on my party line. She’s always listening in–it’s how she opens up her drab, empty life. 1)If I could get a call through once and awhile my life wouldn’t be do drab.

1)You don’t see me going down to the phone company complaining about your affairs. 2)I have none to complain about. 1)It figures. 2)What do you mean ‘it figures’? 1)Well obviously–you’re a woman that lives along, doesn’t like it. 2)I happen to like living alone. 1)Look, I don’t know what’s bothering you, but don’t take your bedroom problems out on me. 2)I have no bedroom problems. There’s nothing in my bedroom that bothers me. 1)Ooh, that’s too bad.

1)You just don’t go around giving girls cars. 2)I do.

1)You’re prejudiced against me because I’m part of a minority group. 2)What minority group? 1)Millionaires.

At least you could’ve had the decency to bring your own champagne.

Brad Allen: I’ve had hangovers before, but this time, even my hair hurts.

Five or six ruffians.

I don’t know how fast he moves, but it takes an early bird to get the best of a worm like me.

I never knew a woman that size had that much water in her.

I’m part of a minority group — millionaires.

If there’s anything worse than a woman living alone, it’s a woman saying she likes it.

In Texas there’s nothing but a bunch of prarie dogs and stuff.

Me, I started out in college with 8 million dollars and I’ve still got 8 million dollars. I just can’t seem to get ahead.

Money seems to have lost its value these days.

Mr. Allen this may come as a shock to you but there are some men who don’t end every sentence with a proposition


No, no, if this girl wasn’t something extra special then maybe I’d agree with you. But with Jan, you look forward to having your branches cut off.

Sam: Alma! You’re too good-lookin’ a woman to go out drinking every night. What you need is a man to take care of. Alma: Why Sam! You’re so strong!!

Tassles? Tassles!

That woman has the taste of a water buffalo.

The man said he was going to have a baby, and you let him get away?!

They’ll never believe this, back in Wichita Falls.

With $200,000 my grandfather cornered the wheat market and started a panic in Omaha. Today, you can’t even frighten songwriters with it.

You started out with nothing and you’ve really made something of yourself. Me? I started out in college with eight million dollars and I’ve still got eight million dollars. I just can’t get ahead.

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