Movie Quotes from Pickup on South Street: Quotes from the movie Pickup on South Street

–Do you want a beer?
–I want my wallet.

Are you waving the flag at me?

Did you get a good look at the grifter?

I told you that this was a cut-throat business.

I’ll do business with a red, but I don’t have to believe them.

I’ve got almost enough to buy both the stone and the plot.

If I was to be buried in Potter’s Field, it’d just about kill me.

If you refuse to cooperate, you’ll be as guilty as the traitors who gave Stalin the A-bomb.

Is it my fault the cost of living is going up?

Some people peddle apples, lumber, lamb chops. I peddle information.

Sometimes you look for oil, you hit a gusher.

That film you stole had government information on it.

There’s a law about three-time losers, you know. The fourth conviction means life.

Who cares?

Yeah, money that’s gonna make me happy.

You know what was on that film? A new patent for a chemical formula.

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