Movie Quotes from Phenomenon: Quotes from the movie Phenomenon

1)I didn’t say it was a UFO

1)We’re all made of energie Bob…you know, the little pieces…

1)You learnt portugese in 20 minutes
2)Not all of it

Answer as quickly as you can… how old is a person born in 1928?

Dr. Bob Niedorf: All right, I’ll start the questions, and I’ll be timing your responses, and we’ll be recording. Any questions?
George Malley: What’s your first name?
Dr. Bob Niedorf: Uh, my first name is Bob.
[George reaches across the wide table to shake hands.]
George Malley: Shoot, Bob.
Dr. Bob Niedorf: Right. Name as many mammals as you can in 60 seconds. Ready? Go.
[starts stopwatch.]
George Malley: Hmm. 60 seconds. Well, how would you like that? How about alphabetical? Aardvark, baboon, caribou, dolphin, eohippus, fox, gorilla, hyena, ibex, jackal, kangaroo, lion, marmoset, Newfoundland, ocelot, panda, rat, sloth, tiger, unicorn, varmint, whale, yak, zebra. Now varmint is a stretch; so is Newfoundland (that’s a dog breed); unicorn is mythical; eohippus is prehistoric. But you weren’t being very specific, now, were you, Bob?
Dr. Bob Niedorf: [pauses, then stops watch and laughs] Well! Ahh, I’ll, uh– I’ll try to be more specific. You ready for the next one?
George Malley: Shoot.
Dr. Bob Niedorf: Answer as quickly as you can… how old is a person born in 1928?
[starts stopwatch]
George Malley: Man or a woman?
Dr. Bob Niedorf: [stops stopwatch and pauses] Why?
George Malley: Specifics, Bob.
Dr. Bob Niedorf: Okay, one more time. How old is a MAN born in 1928?
[starts stopwatch]
George Malley: Still alive?
Dr. Bob Niedorf: [stops watch, pauses, nods] If a man is born in 1928, and he’s still alive, how old is he?
[starts stopwatch]
George Malley: What month?
Dr. Bob Niedorf: [stops stopwatch] If a man was born October 3rd, 1928, and he’s still alive, how old is he?
[starts stopwatch]
George Malley: What time?
Dr. Bob Niedorf: [stops stopwatch] 10 o’clock… PM!
[starts stopwatch]
George Malley: Where?
Dr. Bob Niedorf: [stops stopwatch; now impatient] Anywhere!
George Malley: Well, let’s get specific, Bob! I mean, if the g

Everything is on its way to somewhere.

George: Now Nate, everything that we need is already in us. We just need to clear away the crap that it’s buried under. Now I want you to erase something.
(Nate erases)
George: There ya go. See that? (holds up eraser with smudged pencil lead on it) That’s the crap. Now, love is buried under fear. Partnership is right there under competition and there’s compassion underneath greed. Now, you gotta take your eraser and do the work. And its hard work and nobody can do it for you. There is no drug.
(Nate takes eraser. George puts his hand out.)
Nate: What? You want it back?
George: Get your own damn eraser.

If he were rational, he’d say yes.

Now if we set this apple down it would become spoiled within a few days. But if we take a bite of it like this…it becomes part of us forever, and we can take it with us.

Shoot, Bob.

You can never have too many places to sit. by John Travolta

You gotta be specific Bob

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