Movie Quotes from Phantom of the Opera, The: Quotes from the movie Phantom of the Opera, The

(part of a song)
Farwell my fallen idol and false friend,
we have such hopes,
but now those hopes are shattered.

1) Do you believe in God, Mr. Dutton? 2) Yes. 1) Good. Because it’s going to take a leap of faith for you to understand what I’m about to tell you. The Phantom is real. It has a name. Erik Destler. 2) But that’s just a story. 1) I know the legend as well as you. He sold his soul to the devil so the world would love him for his talent. The devil had a price. He mutilated his face so terribly, that no one could stand to love him ever again. 2) And it’s said the only way to kill the Phantom is to destroy his music. 1) I don’t believe in phantoms or legends, Mr. Dutton, but I do believe in facts. And the fact is, this man, this creature is still alive. Still alive and living under your opera.

1) I gave you my mind blindly! 2) You try my patience…make YOUR choice…

1. You are a thing from hell! 2. And you sir are hellbound!

1.What a way to run a business!Spare me these unending trials.Half your cast disappears but the crowd still cheers,opera!To hell with Gluck and Handel have a scandal and your sure to have a hit!2.Damnable,will they all walk out?Its indamnable!1.Andre,please don’t shout.Its publicity and the take is vast.Free publicity!2.But we have no cast!

[sung] In sleep, he sang to me. In dreams he came. That voice which calls to me and speaks my name. And do I dream again? For now I find the Phantom of the Opera is there… inside my mind!

All I want is freedom a world with no more night.

And do I dream again? For now I find… The Phantom of the Opera is there… inside my mind!

And he’ll always be there singing songs in my head

And let it be know, for it will be war against you both.

And…I HATE-AH my hat!!!!

Andre: Monsieur, why exactly are you retiring?
Lefevre: My health.

Andre: Signora, these things do happen.
Carlotta: For the past three years, these things do happen! And did you stop them from happening? No! And you two – you’re as bad as him! ‘These things do happen!’ Ma… until you stop these things from happening, this thing does not happen! Ubaldo! Andiamo! Bring my doggy and my boxy!
[Carlotta storms out with her maid, seamstress, and hairdresser]
Piangi: Amateurs!
Carlotta: Bye-bye and ciao! Now you see. Bye-bye, I’m really leaving!

Andre: [as Carlotta storms out] What do we do now?
Lefevre: Grovel. Grovel, grovel, grovel.

Anywhere you go let me go too

Better submerged in bath water than mediocrity, don’t you agree?

But clearly, Madame Giry, genius has turned to madness.

Carlotta: He love me, he love me. Love me, love me, love me.

Chirstine , I love you…

Christine Daaé: Those who have seen your face draw back in fear. I am the mask you wear…
The Phantom: It’s me they hear…
Christine Daaé/The Phantom: Your/my spirit and my/your voice in one combined. The Phantom of the Opera is there, inside my/your mind.

Christine Daae has returned to you, and I am anxious her career should progress. In the new production of ‘Il Muto’, you will therefore cast Carlotta… as the Pageboy, and put Ms. Daae in the role of Countess. The role which Ms. Daae plays calls for charm and appeal. The role of the Pageboy is silent, which makes my casting in a word… ideal.

Christine, I love you!

Christine-Raoul, You’re not safe here.
Raoul-Why Have you brought me here?
Christine-We Can’t Go Back there. His eyes will find us there.Those eyes that burn.
Raoul-Christine, don’t say that. Don’t Even think it.
Christine-If he has to kill a thousand men, The phantom of the opera will kill and iill again.
My God who is this man(My god who is this man…), Who hunts to kill? I can’t escape him here, I never will.
Christine and Raoul-And in this Laborynth, where night is blind. The PHANTOM of the opera is there, indside my/your mind.
Raoul-There is no Phantom of the opera…
Christine-Raoul, I’ve been there. To his world of unending night. To a World where the daylight disolves into darkness..darkness. Raoul, I’ve seen him, can I ever forget that sight? Can I ever escape from that face, so distorted, deformed, it was hardly a face in the…darkness…darkness. (Goes into a hypnotic look) But his voice filled my spirit with a strange sweet sound. In that night, there was music in my mind…And Through Music, my soul, began to soar….And I heard as I’d never heard before…
Raoul-What you heard was a dream and nothing more..
Christine-Yet in his eyes…All the sadness of the world. Those pleading eyes, that both threaten and adore…
Phantom(in a mocking tone)-Christine..
Followed by the song-All I Ask Of You.

Christine…you…you are the angel. You are my voice. Together we’ll have London at our feet. Christine, come to me, and I will give you everything.

Christine: I guess you could say we were childhood sweethearts.

Christine: Can I ever forget that face?

Christine: I gave my mind blindly.
The Phantom: You try my patience. Make your choice

Christine: What I once used to dream, I now dread. If he finds me, it won’t ever end. And he’ll always be there, singing songs in my head. He’ll always be there, singing songs in my head.

Christine:(sung)You were once my one companion, you were all that mattered. You were once a friend and father, then my world was shattered. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Aagin…(skipping ahead) Passing veils and sculpted angels, cold and monumental. Seemed for you the wrong companions, you were warm and gentle.

Damn You! You little lying delilah!

Either way you choose you cannot win

Everyone dies, I only choose the time and place for a few.

Everyone dies, I only chose the time and place for a few.

Faithfulness is not a quality that I admire in you, Christine. Desire is only a demon, Christine. Hell is getting what you desire.

Flattering child you shall know me, see why in shadow I hide! Look at your face in the mirror- I am there inside!

Had you expected someone else? Christine, you have always been my inspiration. You. And now, it’s only a question of what you want: Love or music?

Have you forgotten your angel?

He called me Little Lottie

How was the opera tonight?
An inspiration.

I like it better in the dark. The night is far too short as it is.

I think you were getting a eyeful of Christine. You had your hand down your trousers when you should have been minding the ropes.

In sleep, he sang to me. In dreams, he came. That voice which calls to me and speaks my name. And do I dream again? For now I find the Phantom of the Opera is there, inside my mind.

it is the hardest thing to love someone and have the courage to be loved back

Lefevre: Gentlemen, good luck. If you need me, I shall be in Australia

Lefevre: Grovel, grovel, grovel, grovel.

Little Lotte thought of everything and nothing. Her Father promised her that he would send her the Angel of Music. Her father promised her… Her father promised her…

Lot 666, then: a chandelier in pieces. Some of you may recall the strange affair of the Phantom of the Opera.

Madame Carlotta: Get my doggie! Bring my doggie! Bye Bye!

Madame Giry: Remember, keep your hand always level with your eye!

Madame Giry: We take particular pride in the excellence of our ballet, monsieur.
Andre: I see why. Especially that little blonde angel!
Madame Giry: My daughter, Meg Giry.
Firmin: And THAT exceptional beauty? No relation, I trust?
Madame Giry: Christine Daaé. Promising talent, Monsieur Firmin, very promising.
Andre: Daaé, did you say? N-n-no relation to the famous Swedish violinist?
Madame Giry: His only child. Orphaned at seven, when she came to live and trained in the ballet dormitories.
Firmin: An orphan, you say?
Madame Giry: I think of her as a daughter also.

Meg: Christine…Christine….Where in the world have you been hiding? Really you were perfect. I only wish I knew your secret, who is your great tutor?

No alcohol, Davis. And keep your eyes off the women.

Now…Let it be war upon you both!

Only love and music are forever.

Only you can make my song take flight

Past the point of no return
No going back now
Our passion play
has now at last begun

People will love you for your music. But that is all that they will love you for.

Perhaps kicking your ass would would brighten my spirits.

This face which earned a mothers fear and loathing. a mask, my first unfeelinf scrap og clothing. pity comes to late turn around and face you fate, an eternity of this.. be fore your eyes.
this haunted face, holds no horror for me now, its in you soul where the true distortion lies.

Phantom: Damn you. you little prying Pandora. You little demon. Is this what you wanted to see? Curse you. You little lying Deliah. You little Viper. Now you can not ever be free. Damn you. Curse you

Phantom: You will curse the day you did not do all that the phantom asked of you!

Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known? God give me courage to show you you are not alone!

Pitiful creature of darkness…What kind of life have you known? God give me courage to show you…You are not alone!

Prima Donna the world is at your feet.A nation waits and how it hates to be cheated.Light up the stage with that age-old rapport.Sing Prima Donna once more!

Prima Donna your song shall live again!

Raoul and Christine singing to each other: Anywhere you go let me go to, love me, thats all I ask of you.

Raoul singing: Christine I love you

Raoul: Can it be? Can it be Christine?

Raoul: For pity’s sake, Christine, say no! Don’t throw your life away for my sake! I fought so hard to free you…

Raoul: Free her! Do what you like, only free her! Have you no pity?
The Phantom: Your lover makes a passionate plea!
Christine: Please, Raoul, it’s useless…
Raoul: I love her! Does that mean nothing, I love her! Show some compassion!
The Phantom: The world showed no compassion to me!

Raoul: Say you love him, and my life is over!
The Phantom: Past all hope of cries for help, no point in fighting…
Raoul: Either way you choose, he has to win!
The Phantom: For either way you choose, you cannot win!

Raoul: We shall play his game, perform his work. But remember we hold the ace. For if Miss Daae sings, he is certain to attend. Andre: We are certain the doors are barred. Firmin: We are certain the police are there. Raoul: We are certain they are armed. All: The curtain falls. His reign will end!

Raoule: Let me be your freedom. Let sunlight dry your tears. I’m here with you beside you to guard you and to guide you.

Still hungry for an introduction?
Just open your purse.
And what will you trade?
Steel…for gold.
That hardly seems fair.

That’s all I ask of you.

The night is far too short as it is. Christine…
My name is Maddie.
Tonight, your name is Christine.

The Phantom: I gave you my music; made your song take wing. And now how you’ve repaid me – denied me and betrayed me. He was bound to love you when he heard you sing, Christine! You will curse the day you did not do, all that the Phantom asked of you!

The Phantom: Past the point of no return, the final threshold. What warm unspoken secrets will we learn? Beyond the point of no return…

The Phantom: Take her, forget me, forget all of this. Leave me alone, forget all you’ve seen. Go now, don’t let them find you. Take the boats, swear to me, never to tell. The secrets you know, of the Angel in Hell. GO NOW, GO NOW AND LEAVE ME!

The Phantom: [sung] So do you end your days with me! Or do you send him to his grave!
Raoul: [sung] Why make her lie to you to save me?

the tears i shed for your dark fate grow cold and turn to tears of hate

There is nothing to harm you here.

There is nothing you could ask that I could refuse.

Think of me, think of me fondly when we say goodbye. Remember me, once in awhile, please promise me you’ll try.

This can either be a wedding march, or a funeral mass. You decide which.

This face, which earned a mother’s fear and loathing. A mask, my first unfeeling scrap of clothing. Pity comes too late, turn around and face your fate, an eternity of this before your eyes.

This haunted face holds no horror for me now. Its in your soul that the true distortion lies.

Up there, those are the actors and the costumes and the scenery. They don’t know the soul of the opera. In your dressing room, I could only teach you the words, the notes. But here…here I an teach you the meaning.

We never said our love was evergreen or as unchanging as the sea.

What will I think when I see you?
You’ll just…die.

What will you trade? Everything has its price.

Who is this man? I must know!
You must not.

Who’d believe a diva happy to relieve a chorus girl whose gone & slept with the patron?Raoul and the soubrette entwined in love’s duet,although he may demur he must have been with her.You’d never get away with all this in a play but if its loudly sung & in a foreign tongue its just the sort of story audiences adore.In fact a perfect opera!

You Have Brought Me, To That Moment Where Words Run Dry, To That Moment Where Speach Disapears into Silence…Silence. I Have Come Here. Hardly Knowing the reason why, in my mind I’ve already imagined our Bodies Entwining, defenseless and silent. And Now I Am Here with you, no second thoughts, I’ve Decided…Decided.
Past, The Point Of No Return, No Going Back Now. Our Pasion-Play, Has now, At last Begun!
Past, all thought of right or wrong..One Final Question-How Long Should We To Wait, Before We’re One? When Will The Blood Begin To Race, The Sleeping Bud Burst into bloom, when will the flames At Last…Consume Us??
Past The Point Of No return, The Final Threshold. The Bridge Is crossed, so stand and watch it burn…
We’ve past the point of no return….

You love the music. I am the music. Our souls are one. Now you are married to the music. You cannot serve two masters. Tonight you’ll be my bride.

You see nothing but my shadow. My heart is overflowing.

You will curse the day you did not do
all that the Phantom asked of you.

You will curse the day you did not do,all that the phantom asked of you!

You’d never get away with all this in a play, but if it’s loudly sung and in a foreign tounge, it’s just the sort of thing that audiences adore, in fact the perfect opera!

Your father has sent me. I am your angel. ALl of your lessons have led to this moment. We will make music that the world will love forever. Take the last step to me. To your destiny. To immortality.

[repeated line]
The Phantom: I am your Angel of Music. Come to me; Angel of Music…

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