Movie Quotes from Petrified Forest, The: Quotes from the movie Petrified Forest, The

Be seeing you soon.

Carnage is imminent, and I’m due to be among the fallen.

He ain’t a gangster. He’s a real old-time pro. Gangsters are foreign. He’s an American.

I belong to a vanishing race – I’m one of the intellectuals.

I spend most of the time since I grew up in jail. And it looks like I spend the rest of my life dead.

I’m an American once removed and want to see the Pacific. Perhaps to drown in it.

Let there be killing. All this evening I’ve had a feeling of destiny closing in.

Petrified forest is a lot of dead trees in the desert that have turned to stone.

So that was once a tree?

You’re a great apostle of rugged individualism.

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