Movie Quotes from Perfect Murder, A: Quotes from the movie Perfect Murder, A

-Excuse me sir, do you have 400 grand I could borrow? -I don’t see why not…

-When you wake up tomorrow, all this will seem like a bad dream.
-What if there is no tomorrow?

-You know revenge is the second oldest reason to kill someone.
-Oh, really. And what would be the first?
-Money, honey!

1) Is that why you’re not wearing your wedding ring? 2) Oh my god! I left it at David’s

1) Now what?

2) Choices.

I can tell Emily exactly who you are…

and life will imitate art. You
become a starving painter, game over.

1) Or?

2) Or you can cash out.

1) Cash out?

2) Half a million dollars.


1) Just for walking away from her?

2) I said tax-free. I didn’t say free.

1) What’s 500 grand for?

2) Killing my wife.

1) Tell me you got a prenup 2) He asked and I said ‘no’ 3) So if you die, he gets a hundred million bucks? 4) something like that… 5) Lucky guy…

1) You know, l envy you.

2) You envy me?

1) You should be…

I’m not prone to envy.

It’s a pathetic emotion.

Sneaks up on you like cancer.


1) You know, Mo, rich people are different from you and me. 2) How ? 1) They got a fuck of a lot more money, for one thing. 2) Very good, Bobby.

Hey Steven, do I keep fucking your wife in the meantime, or what?

Hey, Steven, do I keep fucking your wife in the meantime or what?

Oye Chico! Pa’rriba va una rubia….dejala quieta!

That’s not happiness to see me, is it?

You’re not leaving me! The only way you leave me is dead!

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