Movie Quotes from People Under the Stairs, The: Quotes from the movie People Under the Stairs, The

Fool: I don’t know how he got past that woman. She got X-Ray eyeballs.
Leroy: Spencer’s slippery as a snake. I think he’s up to something.
Fool: Something like what?
Leroy: Like grabbin’ that coin collection for himself and cuttin’ me out.
Fool: Cuttin’ US out. If Spencer messes with you he gotta deal with me too.
Leroy:(Laughs) You somethin’, Fool.

Leroy:(As car pulls out from the driveway.)She leaves him alone in the place? You gotta be kiddin’ me!
Fool: There has to be someone else in there. Old folks, kids, or somethin’.
Leroy: Maybe Spencer should stick his ugly head out and give us some kind of signal.
Fool: Maybe he’s lookin’ around a little bit to make sure it’s safe.
Leroy: Maybe the President’s gonna make me Secretary of Pussy!

Thanks,this is roach my friend,hi i am fool , fool?? you sure got the names right dont you

Who hit you?? The damn bear trooper!! Well may he burn in hell.

Yeah, and the president is gonna make me the secretary of pussy.

[catches Alice and grabs her after she suspects]
Woman: Hold it RIGHT THERE! Where is that little bastard? Tell me! TELL ME! [shakes Alice but she frightens to answer]
Alice: I…I won’t tell you.
Woman: We will get him out of our house. He’s filthy. He’s bad. He’s awful.
[Alice stomps Woman in the toe and she pushes her hard]
Woman: AAAHHH!
Alice: GO TO HELL!

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