Movie Quotes from Pelican Brief, The: Quotes from the movie Pelican Brief, The

–Do you want to talk about the brief?
–Everyone I have told about the brief is dead.
–I take my chances.




Are you familar with the Freedom of Information Act?

Chain Of Fools.

Does the F.B.I. has any suspects?

George and Martha’s place.

I’ll promise you that I will protect you as a confidential source.

It never ceases to amaze me what a man will do to get into the Oval Office.

It’s domestic. The CIA can’t go nosing around. It’s illegal.

Man:They put me on medical leave for 30 days.
Gray:What’s wrong with you?
Man:Damned if I know

That’s what they should be looking for…Decisions that they both agreed.

This means her little brief is right on point.

You’re not the only one who does research.

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