Movie Quotes from Patty Hearst: Quotes from the movie Patty Hearst

Don’t examine your feelings. Never examine your feelings. They’re no help at all.

I am a prophet.

I enjoyed a normal childhood. My four sisters and I weren’t raised like rich kids. We were priveledged – even over-priveledged – not spoiled. I knew best what was right and wrong for me. Most things came easily – sports, social relationships, school work, life. I grew up in a sheltered environment, supremely self-confident. I knew – or thought I knew – who I was. More do-er than a thinker, an athlete than a student, a social being than a loner. I was ever practical. I could see people and situations plainly without frills. I never doubted my ability to handle myself well in any circumstance. Of course, there’s little one can do to prepare for the unknown.

I just hit some car down in your garage. Can I use your phone?

I’d like to emphasize that I am alive. I am well. I mean, it’s really depressing to hear people talk about me like I’m dead. It begins to convince other people that I AM dead. It gives the FBI an excuse to come in here and pull me out. I am basically an example, a symbol.

It’s just like pigs to glorify a mouse.

Marie Antoinette didn’t know anything about the French Revolution – till they cut off her head.

Please God. Please God. Please God. Don’t bury me.

Thanks for the rental.

That looks weird. Why don’t you put on the chain?

There is little one can do to prepare for the unknown.

They didn’t even try to take us alive…They think I’m dead. I am dead.

They don’t want to be seen. They want a ransom. It will all be over in a few deays. They’re not going to kill me.

Where would I go?

You’re worth a lot more live than dead.

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