Movie Quotes from Passport to Paris : Quotes from the movie Passport to Paris

-Do you like books? -When the rain comes I am sad.

-Don’t tell anyone this is Top Secret!!!
-Don’t worry Mel, I’ll promise not to tell anyone!
-Well I heard that 10 kids went home sick today after eating the meatloaf! It had E-Coli, and F-Coli!

-I’m scared.
-What about death?
– NO, Paris.

-Paris? We’re going to Paris?
-Yes! You are going to Paris!
-When? When are we going?
-Next week over Spring Break

-That class is sooo S+C.
-Snooze and Cruise

-There is so sign anywhere! (cop pulls jacket off sign)-What does it say? -No tresspassing… -Violators will be ::sigh:: executed. -PROSECUTED!!! -I don’t know which one’s worse.

-What are you gonna do look up cute Perisian boys on mopeds? -No under Le Floud de le Shoppe.

-Yea you two know a model and I’m actually having a good time.

-You watch all those legal shows…time for closing argument.

ALLY-Jeremy. It’s totally rude to digi-dial durin lunch.

ALLY-Your Bridget.
MEL-Duh. She just said that.
ALLY-No. Bridget the supermodel.
MEL-No she’s not. Is she? Are you?

Allyson: That is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me!
Jean: Ah it was anything.

bounjer bonjer bonjer OH MY GOOOOOD!

Do you like your school?
When the rain comes I am sad.

Grape juice with dinner?

Hey, i’m actually feeling kinda sad for the bonehead

Im Allie and shes Melanie… at least for today anyways

MEL-Lets be openminded.
ALLY-OK. I’ll take the one in the red.
MEL-I was talking about the museam.
ALLY-Oh. I’ll still take the one in the red though.

MEL-We’re supposed to meet the boys at 2:00 tomorrow. How are we ever gonna pull that off.
ALLY-Well we can’t keep ditching Jeremy. I’m actually starting to feel bad for the bonehead.
MEL-What we need is a plan. A diversion.
ALLY-What we need is…I’ve got it.

MEL-What did he say.
ALLY-Who cares.

MEL-What did you say now.
ALLY-I just told her i liked her perfume. I think.
BRIDGETTE-Ally. I am afraid that you told her she stinks

Michel: Delivery for Melanie Porter.
Melanie: Thats me me.
Jean: Delivery pour Allyson Porter.
Ally: Oui je’appele Ally.
Jean: Ah du parle francais?
Ally: Oui un pru quest que cest?
Michel: Uh…….Michel.
Jean: Jean… is very nice to feed you.
– Laugh.
Michel: He means nice to meet you.
Melanie: Between his English and you’re french i’ll bet you are never gonna fight about anything.
– Smile.
Ally: I have a great idea why wont you guys come to lunch with us.
Michel: He means awsome…….i think.
– Laugh.
Jeremy: Girl can we please……..who are they?
Melanie: Jean and Michel.
Jeremy: Is that suppose to eman something to me?
Melanie: Ow it should they are comming to lunch with us.
Jeremy: I dont think so.
Ally: Come on we are going to miss our lunch reservation fallow us.

Michele- My father is a butcher, all he cares about is meat. He does not like my music. all he cares about is a nice filet mignon… thats all he cares about

On the count of 3: One….Un….Two…..Deux…. WAIT YOU NEED KETCHUP!
….ok ok One… Un…. Two…. Deux…. Three…. Trois

She was totally edging on my squeeze, so i dinged her with a bounce bounce in the numbers lab

So, the tin man has a heart after all.

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