Movie Quotes from Passion: Quotes from the movie Passion

Charity: Why are you doing this
Zombie Charity: because i’m evil

Gwen Hotchkiss: What do I have to do to get you to admit what’s going on here, Ethan? Walk in on you and Theresa in bed making love? What’s she going to tell me then, huh? That she was just fluffing your pillows and just happened to slip underneath you?

Julian: This is all Theresa fault
Rebecca:Why? What did she do, hide your viagra.

Kay: Shooting stars and moon beams show me a sign and don’t delay.

Kay: {Casting a spell on charity) bad cousin good cousin naughty and nice let the form prevail let the ladder turn to ice. {Chanted several times}

Luis: Why do you have to be such a smart-ass?
Sheridan: When I’m around you, SOMEONE has to be smart.

luis:{beating up julian} your next Alister
Ivy:Don’t be a fool luis

Rebecca: Wait for me i want to see theresa hang her self.

Tabitha: So you told Julian that I’m a witch.
Timmy: Timmy didn’t mean to say anything bad.

Zombie Charity: damn that little imp dame you charity damn you timmy damn of whole town harmony to hell. { creates an earthquack}

Zombie Charity: i’ll do you in with lighting speed {zaps charity with lighting}

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