Movie Quotes from Paper Moon: Quotes from the movie Paper Moon

–I don’t have your two hundred dollars no more. And you know it.
–Then get it!

25 dollars?!? For that much money she drop her pants down in the middle of the road.

Hey, what’s up kiddo? Your daddy says you’re wearing a sad face. Ain’t no good to have a sad face. Hey, how’d you like a coloring book? Would you like that? You like Mickey the mouse? *stumbles* Oh, son of a bitch! *recovers, giggling* Now come on down to the car and let’s all be friends. You see me smile? C’mon, let’s see you smile like Aunt Trixie. Now C’mon, c’mon down to the car with Mademoiselle! Kiddo, I understand how you feel, but you don’t have to worry. One of these days you’re going to be just as pretty as Mademoiselle, maybe prettier. You already got bone structure. When I was your age, I didn’t have no bone structure. Took me years to get bone structure. And don’t think bone structure’s not important! Nobody started to call me Mademoiselle until I was seventeen and getting a little bone structure. When I was your age I was skinnier than any pole! I never thought I’d have nothin’ up here! You’re gonna have ’em up there too. Look. I tell you what. Do you want me to show you how to use cosmetics? I’ll let you put on my earings – you’ll see how pretty you’re gonna be. And I’ll show you how to make up your eyes, and your lips. And I’ll see to it that you get a little bra or something. But now you’re gonna pick your little ass right up, you’re gonna drop it in the backseat, and you’re gonna cut the crap, you understand? You’re going to ruin it, ain’t ya? Look, I don’t want to wipe you out, and I don’t want you wiping me out, y’know? So I’m gonna level with you, okay? Now you see, with me it’s just a matter of time. I don’t know why, but somehow I just don’t manage to hold on real long. So if you wait it out a little, it’ll be over, y’know? I mean, even if I want a fella, I always manage to get it screwed up. Maybe I get a new pair of shoes, a nice dress, a few laughs… times are hard. Now ifyou fool around on the hill up here, then you don’t get nothin’, I don’t get nothin’, he don’t get nothin’. So how ’bout it honey? Just for a while? Let ol’ Trixie sit up

I tried to push her out of a window in Little Rock once.

Moses:I got scruples too, you know. You know what that is? Scruples?
Addie: No, I don’t know what it is, but if you got ’em, it’s a sure bet they belong to somebody else!

Times are hard…

Trixie’s gotta go winky-tink ‘fore she wets her pantaloons!

We’ll just have to keep on veerin’.

You know that lil white speck on top of ole’ chicken doodle? Well that the kinda white Miss Trixie is – like the little white speck on top of ole’ chicken shit.

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