Movie Quotes from Paper Brigade, The: Quotes from the movie Paper Brigade, The

Crazy old man: Hey, uh, what regiment you in there son?
Gunther: The Paper Brigade.

Gunther’s Dad: Son, we could use a little help here… Gunther: Dad, you know how my back is!

Here comes the 7th calvary.

I came, I saw, I conquered…Julias Ceaser…

i gotta go Gunther!!

i hate to burst your bubble but shane west wasn’t in the paper brigade.

I live next door to Beaver Cleaver!

IT’s a good movie

It’s just a paper route guys…

omg shane west was so ugly in this movie bt he’s a hottie now oh well i lovete movies any way it rocks…i’m almost15 but it still kicks ass

sorry that’s what i’m gonna tell your parents when you don’t come home tonight.

Thank you… for that worthless… piece of trivia.

The guy just stiffed the paper boy!

The guy was about to do a tap dance on my face!

These geese were trained to kill!

We came, we saw, we conquered….Julius Cesear

Well I am sorry if I have an addiction to breathing.

yeahh… it wasn’t shane west.. his name is Kyle Howard.. he’s also in Orange County, yanno the main guy [colin hanks]? well Kyle Howard is his friend that has dark brown hair and he’s also Gunther Wheeler in the Paper Brigade.

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