Movie Quotes from Out to Sea: Quotes from the movie Out to Sea

–Which Wright brother did you buy this plane from?
–The same one you dated in high school.

1) I heard sharks out here can swallow you whole. 2) Swallow my what?

1) I saw the way you were looking at my daughter’s chest. 2) I used to be a cardiologist.

Charlie: Why are you sterilizing your trousers?
Herb: I’m steaming them.
Charlie: Oh, then what are you going to do, eat them with garlic butter?

I need a crap and a nap and I don’t need an audience.

I’m your worst nightmare: a song-and-dance man raised on a military base.

No such thing as too late. That’s why they invented death.

We’re not working. We’re dancing and cavorting.

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