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#1: Carla, what are you doing? #2: I’m remembering my old room.

#1: I know why you’re smiling.#2:WHY? #1: When someone smiles like that, they’re in love. #2: REALLY?

#1: Nice underwear. #2: Thanks. I got it from my sisters closet.

#1:My favorite song is Michelle my Belle…#2: What? #3:Nothing.

#1:Oh, My baby’s duck. #2: No Dad, I’m a swan!

…and last Thanksgiving we did it!

…we love the blues like Muddy Waters and Billie Holiday. She’s dead you know.

1 – My pumpkin’s a duck!2 – No, I’m a swan!

1) Do they live happily ever after, Daniel? 2) I don’t know. They didn’t make a Graduate 2.

1) He won’t be able to take care of you! He can barely take care of himself! 2) We can take care of each other!

1) I just didn’t want you to think I was dumb. 2)I could NEVER think that!

1) I wonder who thought up sex in the first place. 2) I think it was Madonna.

1). See that girl over there? Don’t ever play pool with her cuz she’ll beat you. 2). She has really long hair. 3). I like short hair.

1).(person’s name)do you want to be my friend? 2).But I am your friend.1).No I mean boy, girl friend. (she reaches for her purse)Are you getting the pepper spray? 2). No, I’m thinking. OK. (he smiles)
1). OK.

1).Who’s that? 2).Oh, that’s just my friend Daniel, but I like to call him Danny. 1)Yeah? Well Danny’s kinda cute. 2).(laughs)Stop teasing dad!!!

1)Can I get you anything? 2)We ordered a vegetarian worm. 3)I’ll see if I can find one in coach.

1)If I remember correctly page 146 looks pretty good. 2)How much do you weigh. 1) Um, I weigh 145 and four ounces. 2) Four ounces. 1)Yeah. 2)Well that sounds okay. 1)Yeah. So, do you wanna do it now?

1)Look at the buses! Watch ’em 2)Why? What are they gonna do? 1) They pull in, and they pull out, they turn, and back-up and stuff.

76 trombones led the big parade

Up and down, not across.

And she did not have hat hair!

And we love each other sooooo much that last Thanksgiving, WE DID IT!

Bartender: Merry Christmas
Daniel: Yes it is!
(some time passes and Daniel returns to the bar for another drink)
Bartender: Merry Christmas
Daniel: Yes, it still is.



but Daniel, you didn’t fail by much…just a smidge


But MA! I want my own apartment!!


But MOTHER. i LOVE him. i LOVE danie mcman

but these are fun shoes mom

But this is a fun shoe ma!

but WINNIE! can u tell her i dont even LIKE tennis??

Daniel i’m not ready yet. I just thought we would save it for a special day. Thanksgiving is comming up, thats a special day. Oh okay Carla. Daniel it’s just that on Thanksgiving there is a turkey and more than one dessert. Oh okay Carla i’ll just save these (rubbers) for that special day then.

Daniel your job plays you in marshmallows??

Daniel) ok are you ready? cuz im ready..
Carla) no daniel.. i dont wanna do it right now.. we should do it on a special day and thanksgiving is coming and i was thinking..
Daniel) oh but i feel special right now carla

Daniel: Carla? Do you get paid in marshmellows?
Carla: No, why?
Daniele: Ca ca ca cause I get paid in marshmellows. I liek marshmellows.

Daniel: Will this make me brave?
Bartender: It sure will, it’s 110 proof.

Do you give private lessons?


Don’t worry because I’ve been house trained!

For once I wanted to get out of a class because I passed not because-not because I was too old.

Forget the drink Radley!

Free tids and bits?! Yea when I mess up on my allowance i just come here and eat until I burst!

Guess What? I got my own apartment! my very own apartment…nobody lives there but me n i move there in two weeks!!!!!

Hello puppy!

Hello Puppy…Hello puppy….woof, woof.

I don’t like my hair. I don’t like my shoes. I like the dress, the dress I like.

I feel so delicate!

i hate the hat, and i hate the shoes, and i hate the ugly centrepieces, but i like hte dress, the dress is pretty, i think im going to keep the dress

i hate the hats, i hate the shoes and your big ugly centrepeices but i like the dress this is pretty i’m gonna keep this


i love you carla tait. i love you too daniell

I love you every minute. I love you more than band music and cookie making.

i love you every minute. i love you more than marching bands and cookie making.

I love you more than bands…and cookie-making!!

I passed it, Daniel. I passed my subject in a regular school with real tests and regular teachers. I did it, Daniel. I love Polytechnic School! I love my teachers! I love everybody, Daniel!

I’m ready are you ready? Cuz I’m ready.

Im gonna love you like nobody loves you, come rain or come shine.

Is it FIFTEEN minutes yet?!

Look it daniel walking wally is walking for us!

my teacher at the school said, boys might try to take advantage of girls like us… and she said if that were to ever happen to say NO! SHOP RIGHT THERE!

Nice Underwear.


No, I’m not better. I’m just me, Mom! Can’t you see me?! You never look at me! And no matter how long I wait, I can’t be a painter and I can’t play tennis and I’m not an artist! But I know how to do something! And I can LOVE!

Oh really!


Olive juice


stop laughing at me Daniel


Stop laughing at meeeeee!!


stop right there!!!

Stop right therea

Tell her I say thank you so much for including Michelle

Thanks for calling me a lady.



They put gum in my hat again…

This is fun. It’s like Where’s Waldo?

W)Who invented sex, anyway?
D)I think it was Madonna.

Well mom…Mrs Matthews, the health teacher and the Cafeteria monitor she said that people like us…boys will try to take advantage of us and if they should do that…to say NO! STOP RIGHT THERE! (MOTHER – good Carla and that is excellent advice)Yea mom and she taught us all about sex and how there fifty billion sperms in one shot…and..(MOTHER – yes yes i see you know all about everything..very good, well what else did she tell you) Dont put gum under the cafeteria table…how many times to i have to tell u!

Yeah ’cause last year I ate Tids and Bits and it-it just didn’t have that Thanksgiving feeling.

Yeah, I have a cookie makers hat and everything.

Your job pays in Marshmellows?

[ The Fine Young Cannibals’ ”She Drives Me Crazy” is playing and a tennis ball machine is shooting tennis balls for Carla to play tennis ]
Carla: Winnie?!
Winnie: Your mother said another 15 minutes.
Carla: Did you tell her that I don’t like tennis still?
Winnie: She said that all well-bred girls play tennis, chess or bridge.
Carla: [ Hits tennis ball ] IS IT 15 MINUTES YET?!

[Jeff and Caroline are together at the dinner table.]
Carla: Did you two yet?

[Jeff and Caroline are together at the dinner table.]
Carla: Did you two do it yet?

[Jeff and Caroline are together at the dinner table.]
Carla: Did you two do it yet?

[Jeff and Caroline are together at the dinner table.]
Carla: Did you two do it yet?

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