Movie Quotes from Only You: Quotes from the movie Only You

(lighting a candle)
What do you wanna know, Faith?

Um, just basic destiny stuff, I
guess. But– I don’t want to hear
anything bad.
If that’s okay.

FORTUNE TELLER:Your destiny’s two dollars.

(Whistles) Katarina, the bella italia she’s waiting! Be right down!

*on the phone* Possytani? Wheres that Mexico? Itly? My wife’s in Itly, what the hell is she doin in Itly, she’s only been gone 48 hours.

1) How could you do this to me? 2) Because I’m in love with you 1) Ah! What kind of an excuse is that?

1) Remember when we were playing Twister. You started to fall and my brother catched you. He let you win. He never let anybody win

1) These songs came from someone’s experience 2) No, I think those songs came from someone’s imagination

Faith: Life isn’t like life in the movies right?
Kate: Right.

Yeah, but, what if this guy lived
a billion, trillion years ago?
Like, what if he was a cave man,
and now he’s dead?

Don’t be stupid, Larry. If he’s
my destiny, then, obviously, he
has to be alive.

All I know is when I got home there was a note on the fridge saying, Larry, I’m leaving you, take the clothes out of the drier.

Faith, my name is faith

Faith..what’s going on, wine, candles come on? He proposed. Oh my gosh let me see the ring! You don’t have it on? Shh! Oh, ow ow ow, I’m blind, I’m blind. For God’s sakes I told my parents I’m engaged. Did he get he get down on his knees? Well, he turned down his beeper. Well that’s good enough, what do you expect he’s a doctor? He saves lives. He’s a foot doctor. He saves feet, feet are important. Plus he’s tall Faith your kids will be tall. He’s a sweetheart you don’t have to sell me on him, he’s as good as gold. I’m just telling you what I told him that I wanted some time to reflect and that I’m going to say yes. What is it you are waiting for Faith? (Phone Rings) I’m not waiting.

Faith: Katie, someone wrote those words, they came out of someone’s experience. Kate: No, I think they came out of someone’s imagination.

Fake Damon: I think I’m gonna have the scampi
Faith: Shrimp? You like shrimp? I like shrimp!!
Fake Damon: Come on. Get out of town! Come on put ‘er here (clinks wine glasses)Like molto coicindenche (snortling laughter)

He would kill tigers for you

How is a psychiatrist going to find him?

How’s a detective going to find him???

I could tell you a couple of things….

I do, Damon.

I have a headache. Again you have a headache. Not that kind of headache, Larry I have like 50 bobby pins holding up my hair! (strand falls down) what’s this? Here. What? Put it up! All Im saying is it’s not exploitation doll. Don’t call me Doll. You used to love it when I’d call you doll. Well you said it differently then.

i just want to tell you that i love you, no matter what happens tonight

I look like a muffin.

I married a liar. Know how I know that? I married a man.

I married a liar. Why? Because I married a man.

I TOLD you a quart is less than a gallon!!!

I was born to kiss you

i’m damon bradley.

If that’s not destiny, then I don’t know…anything.

Kate:The point it we’re looping. We’re looping back the the freeway or turnpike or whatever the hell the call it……el freewayo.

My foot is telling me that I’ve been hurt by a shoe salesman.

My theory is that all men should get jerseys. On the front they write liars and on the back they write whatever their real name is.

My wife’s in Italy!!

Peter was a mistake!

Peter was a mistake! He wasn’t who he said he was. . . so I wasn’t who I though I was. It wasn’t real. It didn’t happen!

Su escarpa!!!

The man I was suppose to marry is on that plane

The truth is you make your own destiny, don’t wait for it to come to you.

The truth is you make your own destiny…don’t wait for it to come to you.

The truth is, you make your own destiny. Don’t wait for it to come to you.

We’re going Rome!!

What..what is it!!! It’s Peter Wright.

Why can’t you believe that I’d do anything to keep us together? You’ve outdone yourself!

You use to say it different then

You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone! You’re crazy about me!

[Faith tries on a wedding dress given to her by her future mother-in-law.]
Faith Corvatch: Sweet of her, wasn’t it?
Kate Corvatch: If I had a dress like that, I’d give it away too.

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