Movie Quotes from One-Eyed Jacks: Quotes from the movie One-Eyed Jacks

–What about Longworth?
–Nothing about him. In the morning, I’ll kill him and then we’ll rob that bank.

–You got a lot of guts, ain’t you kid?
–You’re the one with the gut, Lon.

Get up, you big tugga guts!

How’s it gonna look for you Lon? You lyin’ there–kickin’ and a snappin’–and spittin’ out yer blood. Now you stand up and get yours.

How’s it gonna look? With your face–all turning black. And your tongue is stickin’ out. Oh–don’t you worry about her–I’ll be takin’ care of that before they cut you down. You gob of spit.

See that sign? I’ve got plenty of things to do today, Mister, but lippin’ with you ain’t one of them. I’d say you’re shy a few manners, mister. You’re lookin’ to get your back busted, sonny. ’round here I’m the guy who takes care of those things. Well, maybe you’ll have a chance to try.

Sure, kid, you’ll get a trial, a fair trial. And then I’m gonna hang you–personally.

Where did you pick up the crow bait?

You ain’t gettin’ no older than tomorrow.

You better kill me!

You get up you big tub of guts

You may be a one-eyed jack around here, but I’ve seen the other side of your face.

You’re a real one-eyed jack in this town.

You’ve been trying for ten years to get yourself hung in this town, and I think you’re gonna make it.

Your gun days are over.

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