Movie Quotes from Once Bitten: Quotes from the movie Once Bitten

Being a vampire in the 20th century is a nightmare!

(1) It’s what people do when they’re in love. It’s natural. It’s right(2) Well, it’s not natural, or right, for me to do it in a car.
(1) What about an ice cream truck?

(1) Our past histories speak for themselves. No one’s going to think we’re gay.
(2) I don’t have a past history, okay? And, neither do you. This is it. We might as well move in together and get his and his towels.

1/Wow! Cool vampire costume
2/I’m not wearing a costume!

1: Do you have a creamsicle? 2: Take a hike, were closed for renevations.

1: Do you have protection? (other takes out a rubber glove) What do you intend to do, invite for other friends? 2: Well I didn’t know what size I’d need. 1: Try petite.

1: Your the only one I can turn to. What should I do? 2: Get yourself a shovel because your in deep shit.

Aw come on I wouldn’t say nothing. Not even if she got down on her knees and…….well…

Being a vampire in the 20th century is a nightmare.

Did we get up on the wrong side of the coffin this evening?

How’d you like your crotch set on fire?!

I can’t believe you’re willing to throw away our relationship on a one-night stand with a chauffeur, and a butler, and a slut who eats buttons!

I don’t want to be a vampire. I’m a day person.

i’m not wearing a costume

Listen: you’re a mature person and I’m a mature person, so why don’t we just skip all the bullshit, get rid of our inhibitions, and DO what we really wanna DO?

Mark doesn’t want you because your mean and evil. He wants me because I’m sweet, nice, and pure. So fuck off!

Put down the cross, Robin. It only works in movies. Besides, I’m an atheist.

There’s to much pressure in getting laid. It’s like taking a driver’s test for manhood.

They were showering, we were enacting a prison rape scene.

This girl has quite a hold on him. She’s young, she’s sweet and she’s pissing me off.

Wake up sleepy head, it’s sunset

What you know about women would fill an atom sized piece of toilet paper.

When you found me, it was 1864; virginity was still popular!

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