Movie Quotes from On the Town: Quotes from the movie On the Town

*singing* As the adding machine once said…you can’t count on me.

–Did you see ‘The Lost Weekend’?
–Yes, I think I’m living through it.

–Hilde, do you know where we can hide?
–Sure, I know a place right across the Brooklyn bridge where they’ll never find us.
–Where is it?

As the adding machiene once said….you can count on me.

Come up to my place.

Count on me.

He wanted to see the sights, and I showed him plenty.

I feel like I’m not out of bed yet.

I was just doing a bit of research.
Dr Kinsey I presume?

I’ve taught everyone from Nijinsky to Mickey Rooney.

Main street.

New York, New York.

On the town.

They paint the town with joy.

You’re awful.

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