Movie Quotes from Oliver!: Quotes from the movie Oliver!

(1)-These sausages are mouldy
(2)-SHut up and drink ya Gin

(Dodger)-Fagin what should i do?
(Fagin)-Live up to you name Dodger, Dodge about

1)Would you climb a hill?
1)Wear a daffodil?
1)Leave me all your will?
1)Even fight my Bill?
2)Wot fisticuffs?

1)Ya do love me, dontcha Bill?
2)’A course I love ya, I live with ya, don’t I?

Bill…Bill Sikes…What did you do, Bill?

Charlie-Ain’t there no more sausages then?
Fagin-You want some supper tonight? huh

Charlie-He’s got books too, quite a little gent aint he?

Charlie-With his own lily white hands, ha ha ha….

Consider yourself at home!

Consider Yourself.


Dodger-Allow me the privilige to Hescort you in me own carriage

Dodger-Hey fagin, young Oliver wants to come on the game with Charlie and me
Fagin-on the job you mean?..

Dodger-Watcha mean aint got no manners? I’m a regular gent i am…

Dodger-you promised we could go and see the hanging
Fagin-be sure it aint your own

Fagin-Boys, all of ya, we’re moving lodgings..

Fagin-Good boy what a crook

Food, Glorious Food.

Have you ever heard the sound a chicken makes when they’re wringing off its neck?

Hes a born undertakers mute, I can see him in a black sillk suit, follwoing behind the funeral procession with his features fixed in a suitable expression.

I’d Do Anything.

Kid: These sausages are cold Fagin: Shut up and drink your gin

Look at his togs
Lovely bit of stuff

Mother came to us destitute. Brings a child into the world, takes one look at him and promptly dies—without leaving so much as a forwarding name and address!

No Flounces! No Feathers! No Frills or Furbelows! All winds and all weathers, ain’t good for fancy clo’es

Oh, you ave, ave ya?

Oliver-is this a laundry then sir?
Boy-yeah that’s right a laudry
Fagin-not exactly my dear

Please sir, I want some more.

Reviewing The Situation.

She peached are you sure?

so long far thee well, pip pip cheerio we’ll be back soon

These sausages are mouldy.

they squawks fagin, they squawks

Though ya sometimes do come by the occasional black eye, you can always cover one til he blacks the other one, it’s a fine fine life

We must have civil words, Bill. Civil words.

Where Is Love.

You avaricious old skeleton

You see ____, In this life, one thing counts, in the bank…LARGE

You’ve Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two.

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