Movie Quotes from Ode to Billy Joe: Quotes from the movie Ode to Billy Joe

As Bobbie Lee is walking down her road, she’s talking to herself about how her Papa won’t let her date.
Here we are in the second half of the 20th centry. THE 20th CENTURY! And Mississippi has yet to hear a word of it. Amazing. AMAZING! I have come this far in life, and as yet I have seen no television. Ridden in no convertible car. Nothing fortifying has crossed my lips but a pepsi-cola. Nothing ventursome has crossed my mind beyond two back issues of Torrid Romance. My entire life is dictated by the 1925 Sears-Roebuck catalouge. Pages 267-295. We’ve got plumbing that the cavemen gave up on 22 million years ago! And an outhouse that further utilizes the Sears-Roebuck catalouge. Issues 1895-1927

billy joe gets bobbie lees face: now listen gal…i cannot buy you a new doll because i know it will not be the same…so all i can say is im sorry…IM SORRY…IM SORRY BENJAMIN!!

Billy Joe to Bobbie Lee:
Girl, I am on to your scent. I’m downwind to you everywhere I go. You’ve got ‘mama says’ ‘papa says’ ‘Jesus Christ says’ all you want. The fact of the matter is, if we were squirrels or cottontails out there in the forrest, we’d be snorting and runting…in a very healthy manner! I would not be roaming the woods in this predicament.

I’m onto your scent. I’m downwind of you everywhere I go. You’re wiggling your old tail feathers and I’m responding. If we were squirrels or cotton-tails out there in the forest we’d be snortin’ and ruttin’ in a very healthy manner.

Ode To Billy Joe.

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