Movie Quotes from North Shore: Quotes from the movie North Shore

1-I mean its impossible to turn, it doesn’t even have a fin.
2-Yes it does. Here’s your fin. Your inside foot…you drag it in the water.

1-You J.O.J.? Just of the jet
2-You F.O.B? Fresh off the boat…

design me right outta the picture, haole. here on the north shore we treat friends mo bettah.

Don’t even touch barno, that rhyno-chaser don’t need no big howley hand print messin’ up its whole trip

he broke his stick he rip so bad

Hey Alex come jump in with us!

Hey Alex, gimme a board that works…my board.

Hey Howlee? Howlee to you to! Hey…He so howlee he don’t even know he howlee.

hi, haole to you too. he’s so haole, he doesn’t even know he’s haole.

I tried to tell you man, but nobody listens to Turtle.

Reef Rash………What do I do? SCRUB IT KOOK!

rick: hey when are you going to stop calling me barny?
turtle: when you’re not a barny, barny.


shaka to the manakisi nothin but a bradda bra

shot to ya’ muddha, ya nuthin but a bruddha!

that’s not a wave, that’s a ripple. i’ve seen bigger waves in the tiolet


you call that a wave? I’ve seen bigger waves in a toilet

You so Haole, you dont even know you haole.

You think Chandler teach me to big wave surf? Not! Shape? Not even!

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