Movie Quotes from No Way Back: Quotes from the movie No Way Back

1) Unfortunately, a lot of Japanese still cling to certain clichés about Americans. Zack: What, that we’re all loudmouthed, two-faced sons of bitches? 1) Sorry. Zack: That’s okay. Most Americans still think Japanese are stone-faced, tight-ass rip-off merchants. It’s a good thing we’re both above all that. 1) Yeah.

Mary: You know, I once served a medium-rare steak to Patrick Stewart. Zack: Who’s Patrick Stewart? Mary: Patrick Stewart? Picard? The greatest starship captain that ever lived? Zack: What about Kirk? Captain James T. Kirk? Mary: Old news. Zack: What? You’re shunning the guy who went first where no man has ever been before? Mary: He was always breaking the Prime Directive. Picard never breaks the Prime Directive. Zack: That’s ‘cause he’s an old bald guy from Liverpool who couldn’t break a date. Mary: Oh, for Pete’s sake. Grow up. Zack: Grow up? I don’t believe you sometimes. Mary: How about you, Yuji? Who do you think was best? Zack: Oh, yeah, right, ask him. Yuji: Sulu. Mary and Zack: Sulu? Yuji: He should’ve been captain.

Oh, I am sorry. I am completely and without exception, the fucking sorriest I have ever been in my whole fuckin’ sorry life! Okay?

Want to hear a joke? What do you call a mule that needs a shave? A hairy ass.

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