Movie Quotes from No Census, No Feeling: Quotes from the movie No Census, No Feeling

–Boy, you got brains like Napoleon.ead.
–Napoleon’s dead.
–I know.

–Hey, he was mine. You owe me four cents.
–Will you take five?
–Oh, a bonus.

–Maybe it’s the Fourth of July.
–The Fourth of July in October?
–You never can tell. Look what they did to Thanksgiving.

–What was your family decomposed of?
–Well, I’ll tell you. There was a litter of three, and I was the one they kept.

Are you married or happy?

Moe: ‘Quarterback.’
Larry: ‘Halfback.’
Curly: ‘Hunchback.’

Woman: ‘How old do I look?’
Moe: ‘You look like a million.’
Larry: ‘Nah, she can’t be that old.’

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