Movie Quotes from Nightmare Alley: Quotes from the movie Nightmare Alley

–How can a guy get so low?
–He reached too high.

How do you get to be a geek? I can’t understand how anybody can get so low.

I have a heart like an artichoke – a leaf for everyone.

Listen to me. I’m no good, I never pretended to be. But I love you.
I’m a hustler, I’ve always been one. But I love you. I may be a thief of the world, but with you I’ve always been on the level.

Mister, I was made for it.

The Great Stanton.

What do you think the newspapers will say when they find out about this? ‘Wife Quits Miracle Worker.’

You make it sound so sacred and holy when all the time it’s just a gag with you…You’re just laughing your head off at these chumps. You think God’s going to stand for that?

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