Movie Quotes from Night in Casablanca, A: Quotes from the movie Night in Casablanca, A

–Hey, boss, you got a woman in there?
–If I haven’t, I’ve been wasting thirty minutes of valuable time.

–I shall be in the Supper Club.
–The Supper Club?
–Yes. Will you join me?
–Why? Are you coming apart?

–I’ll…never leave here. I’m part of Africa, and Africa is part of me.
–Well, I’m certainly seeing the best part of Africa.

–My name is Bernice Rheiner. I stop at the hotel.
–My name is Ronald Kornblow. I stop at nothing.

I don’t mind being killed, but I resent hearing about it from a character whose head comes to a point.

I wouldn’t worry. Men are ten cents a dozen. I wish women were….He’d better hurry. The management is not responsible for wives left over thirty days.

I’m not dancing. I’m trying to get my foot out of a champagne bucket.

Kornblow: You got another stick of gum on you?

Ronald: You know, I think you’re the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Beatrice (eagerly): Do you really? Ronald: No, but I don’t mind lying if it’ll get me somewheres.

That reminds me, I must get my watch fixed.

You don’t have to sing to me – just whistle.

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