Movie Quotes from Next of Kin: Quotes from the movie Next of Kin

–Truly sorry about your brother. Too bad.
–Oh, no sir. We haven’t seen bad yet. But it’s coming.

–You watch yourself, officer.
–Like a junkyard dog.

A life for a life…amen.

Do you believe in the Here-After? Then you know what I’m here after…

Hey, he’s taking us to the projects.

It what’s gotta be done.

Muh name’s Briar Gates….I want the man who killed muh brother

To you I may look like Al Capone or God knows who I don’t know. I’m a businessman.

You aint seen *bad* before……. but it’s comin……

You’re my family, Jessie.

Your father taught me something early on…Don’t leave anything to chance.

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Next of Kin’: Quotes from the movie ‘Next of Kin’

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