Movie Quotes from New York Minute: Quotes from the movie New York Minute

– you know, you really ought to think about getting a carwash.
– and you might want to think about buying a car.

-there you are
-…here i aaam

1)I’M BUSY!2)If you’re dizzy then you ought to lie down…1)I said I’M BUSY!2)Then get busy writing a check Lomax!!

Its the curveballs that make life interesting… shows us what we’re made of. And sometimes, if we’re real lucky, there’s a blessing waiting for us at the end of that wrong turn.

Listen, we need that book back. So meet us outside the Plaza Hotel in 30 minutes, or… I will eat your chips.

Relax? How can I relax? My relaxation tips are in my day planner!

What are you doing? Right now, that dog is my life. And when he poops, his poop is my life.

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