Movie Quotes from New Guy, The: Quotes from the movie New Guy, The

[1] You act like you can’t get up there. well motivations on the way hahaha, yes and deedie feed the neddie. {Person #1 lights rope on fire} [2] Luther whats that burning… ITS ME!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh {Person 2 falls off rope flaming with fire} [1] uh just roll around you be ight.

1. Hey, buddy, you know what the homeless need? A midget! 2. Why would the homeless need a midget? 1. Dude, shut up!

1. Mind if I sit down? 2. Wrong level, bitch. 1. BITCH, SAY WHAT?

1. You stole my horse, maggot! Do you know what the penalty is for stealing a horse in this state? 2. Death? 1. This isn’t Iraq, son.

1/ what do i call you know? 2/ well broke dick seems to be popular

A- You know what the homeless need? A miget! B- Why would the homeless need a miget? A- DUDE, SHUT UP!

A:You know what the homeless need? A midget. B: Why would the homeless need a midget? A: Man, Shut up!

are you looking at my janet?

At least when we were blips, we’re invisible, when you break your dick in front of the entire school, people remember.

Better than Playstation now it is.




Cause behind every so-called hero, there is a little pissed-off dude that don’t get no credit!

courtnie – are you coming? dizzy – almost

Dead? Did u say ‘dead’? All this hoo- hah about bein’ dead and no wantin’ to fight, and stayin’ out of the game, is a load of crap! American highschool students traditionally love to fight! All real football players love the sting of battle! Washington High – we’re gonna beat ’em! Lincoln High – we’re gonna beat ’em! Harding High -. We’re gonna beat ’em. Yes! Let’s do it. Let’s do it! YEAH!!!

Dead? Did you say dead? And all this hoo-haw about being dead and not wanting to fight is a load of CRAP!

Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt!

Dizzy I hate to break it to ya son but Da-Nile is not just a river in Egypt.

Does that sound gay?

from bitch to bull baby

From Bitch to Bull baby!

Hai-Claw, Who’s the bitch now sucker!

High school is a lot like prison – bad food, high fences, the sex you want you ain’t getting, and the sex you’re getting you don’t want.

How funky is your chickn how loose is your goose come on crowd let’s hear it and shake your caboose.

I almost got laid!

i dont make plans… its not my style…

If you’ve ever had your manhood RIGHTANGLED!

Is it crystal meth? Is it the crank? Are you riding the white poney son?!?!?!?!

Is it the crank? Are you ridin the white pony son?

It’s called Turets syndorme.

just roll around you’ll aight

Last week an 80 year old librarian broke my dick.

luther and dizzy together:who’s the bi-itch now?!

Luther-I’ve seen some terrible things.
Dizzy-Yesterday an 80 year old librarian broke my penis.
Luther- You win.

She’s going to college, punk.

Sorry about that, I’ve been in prosion a long time.


Uhhh Cortney’s such a slut!
Which didnt stop you from dating her for 2 months!

We discourage name calling around here.

What you act like you an’t get up there? Well motivation is on the way. (lights the rope on fire) Yes indeedy feed the needy. (dizzy on fire) Just roll arund you be ight!

Who’s the beeyawtch now! – Bitch say what!

Who’s the bitch now?

why you actin’ like you cant get up there well modivation is on the way (lights lighter) yes indeedey feed the needey

Yea but that still doesn’t change the fact that i can piss around a corner!!! What the language son.

Yesterday an 80 year old libraian broke my penis. You win!

You c Behind Every Hero Is A Little Pissed Off Dude That Don’t Get No Credit!!!

You fellas may want to scoop up your friend here.

You gotta hit um’ wit the bitch first!

You know High School is a lot like prision, bad food, high fences, the sex you want you’re not getting, the sex you’re getting you don’t want

~Can I sit here?
*Wrong level Bitch
~Bitch say what?

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