Movie Quotes from Never So Few: Quotes from the movie Never So Few

–Do you wish to speak further with me on this subject?
–In the words of an old hymn, go to hell.

A human being is not an animal.

Any trouble or violence, naturally I wanna be a thousand miles away from it. But cops make me nervous.

Charlie Fox Dog calling Zebra four-two.

Don’t call me Hiawatha.

Funny part about it is, since I’ve joined the Army and the war started, I’ve led a comparatively sheltered life.

I better stay in the jungle. It’s a lot simpler there.

I’m not sure I can spell democracy and I don’t know what the big picture even looks like, but I know you’ve got a big mouth.

Let’s drink easy and long and consistently.

Pick any rest area in the Himalayas. Take two weeks.

This is no way to fight a war.

Well, sometimes men brawl to forget combat.

You know, the movies have got it all wrong. A cigarette tastes lousy when you’re wounded.

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