Movie Quotes from Net, The: Quotes from the movie Net, The

-Computers are your life, aren’t they?
-Yes, the perfect hiding place.
-God, we’re pathetic, aren’t we?
-Excuse me?
-Well, we’re here. We’re sitting on the most perfect beach in the world, and all we can think about is…
-Where I can hook up my modem?
-Yeah, exactly.

-I figured you’d be hungry, so I stopped on the way over. I got your
favorite, Chinese.
-Um, it’s your favorite. I never really cared for it, remember?
-Ah, it’s immaterial. I knew it was somebody’s favorite.

-Is that business or pleasure?
-Is there a difference?
-Not a great deal if you’re a hacker.

-So, what’s this for?
-It’s uh…it’s for shark fishing.
-Shark fishing…with a silencer?
-Yeah. You certainly seem to know your ordinance.
-Colorado. You grow up with guns.

-What were you trying to do? Save the world?
-No. Not the world. Just myself.

Angela Ive accessed a system i shouldnt have, if someone gets a hold of that disk they’d have an awful lot of power.

Angela: For future reference you should know that the living tend to interest me just a little
more than the dead do.

Angela: Hmm… butch, beautiful, brilliant, Captain America meets Albert Schweitzer, spends all day dashing into the frey and making the world safe for democracy, at night playing Bach Cantas while curing cancer.

By the way I’ve sent you a wopper of a virus, just be a little careful with the escape key.

give us the disk and we’ll give you your life back

I am Angela Bennitt!

I’ll be the one with spineless simp tattoo’ed to her forehead.

Just think about it. Our whole world is sitting there on a computer.
It’s in the computer. Everything. Your, your DMV records, your, your
social security, your credit cards, your medical records. It’s all
right there. Everyone is stored in there. It’s like this little electronic shadow on each and every one of us, and you know what? They’ve done it to me, and you know what? They’re gonna do it to you.

So, I’ve gone from being a self-centered ass-hole to safe…Thanks.

Such a nightmare! It’s like I’m not even me anymore.

They hack into computers and they cause this chaos.

You know the story. I thought I was lonely and he forget he was

You know, what’s frightening me is I’m starting to think that you’re not delusional.

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