Movie Quotes from My Life So Far: Quotes from the movie My Life So Far

–Heaven is like living in the place you love best for all eternity.
–So it’d be just like staying here, then, wouldn’t it? It’d be like not dying at all!

–They’ve decided to call it asbestos.
–It tastes like your mother’s porridge.

All that’s on his mind is slanking. He’s French.

Did you do it with the Emperor of the Air?

Do you think I don’t know that you want her? Her instead of me? Instead of us?

Fancy slipping upstairs for a slank, Moira?

He always brings the latest jazz records with him, mostly to irritate my father.

He had a drink out of the Good Book, did he?

I did my very famous bad thing because I was being made to rest and it was a beautiful sunny day.

I didn’t mean to cause trouble.

I never got to fly with the Emperor of the Air.

I only want you. You must work out what it is you want.

I saw Jesus on the lawn this morning.

I suppose he must have climbed up the drainpipe.

I won the bet months ago.

I’m a millionare. What do you have that I want to take from you?

I’m clean, Daddy! I’m very, very clean!

I’m going to run and hide in the woods!

I’ve always wanted to be a polar bear.

It was during the Great War that we first started mining moss. It was used for putting on soldiers’ wounds, because it was ten times more absorbent than cotton wool. So when they were horribly wounded, it was our moss that soaked up their blood and guts and everything.

It wasn’t just Gama that died that day. Kilornen will never be the same. She was Kilornen, and the world we’d always known quietly slipped away with her.

Look at this–Plutonic igneous granite.

My dad didn’t want us to go into the attic, so he told us that that was where the devil lurked. Ever since, I’ve been terrified of the word lurked.

My dad has two obsessions: Beethoven and the Bible.

Our house is probably too big, which is why my mum kept having babies, so we can keep it filled up.

Play nicely, children, not like a troop of cannabalistic baboons!

Robert, get the net under the child!

That was the first time I saw the hairy man.

That’s quite enough about if you were Jesus, young man.

The best noise in all the world–as good as jazz.

The Emperor has come back to see us, though I suspect he’s really come back to see Elspeth.

The only language that me and my dad both really understood was dog.

Then she met my dad and threw away her opera career for love.

This is amazing. I seem to have landed in some sort of Shangri-la here, some hidden world where angels walk upon the surface of the earth, a paradise from where no human heart may leave unscorched.

Turning oneself into an animal isn’t very Christian.

When I was very little, the thing I hated most was resting.

You are at this moment, Mr. Emperor, priveleged to be standing in the only spagnum moss factory is Europe.

You’re all bonkers!

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