Movie Quotes from My Favorite Wife: Quotes from the movie My Favorite Wife

–You’re sure you don’t love her?
–The moment I saw you downstairs, I knew.
–Oh, go on. I bet you say that to all your wives.
–I could strangle you.

1. We have a warrant for your arrest. 2. You can’t arrest me…..What’s the charge? 1. Bigamy. *2 gasps* 3. BIGAMY??

But she is legally dead, Your Honor! You declared her legally dead yourself in this courtroom. Your decision is on file.

I can get along without either one of you. I’m perfectly able to take care of myself.

It’s for a friend of mine. He’s waiting downstairs.

Jingle bells.

Oh, by the way, how was my funeral?

We have nothing to reproach ourselves for.

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