Movie Quotes from My Favorite Blonde: Quotes from the movie My Favorite Blonde

–Do you know what it feels like to be watched and hounded every second?
–I used to, but now I pay cash for everything.

–There’s something about you, an air of…je ne sais quoi.
–I always use a little aftershave.

–Who’s Nat Burton?
–He’s my agent.
–Do you think he’ll help?
–He’d better. If I get the electric chair, he gets ten percent of the current.

I gotta send a wire to Nat Burton. I gotta tell him to get us a lawyer to straighten out this murder business.

I’d do it all over again – even if I were in my right mind.

Is that your real hair or did you scalp an angel?

My name’s Larry Haines. There’s no more to tell.

Too late, sister. I’ve already got an agent.

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