Movie Quotes from My Blue Heaven: Quotes from the movie My Blue Heaven

#1) Good morning, sir. Would you like to try a vanilla bran oat crunchie?
#2) What do you think?

#1) What the frig is this?
#2) A popover.
#1) There’s nothing in it!

#1)I love the Yankees. Linda loves the Yankees. So does Terry.
#2) Who’s Terry?
#1)You are.

 You know, it’s dangerous for you to be here in the frozen food section…. Why is that?… Because you could melt all this stuff.

(singing) These little town blue’s……..

-And where did you learn to jump start a car?
-I had to learn to jump start ambulances, to get invalids to the
dialysis machines.

-When did your wife leave?
-That’s when my wife left! What is it about the month of October?
-I dunno. The pressure of Halloween? You never know what to go as!

-You don’t tip FBI men!
-Sure you do!

….5 o’clock Christmas morning, I run downstairs and look under the tree and what do I find? Uncle Alfresco, dead on the floor, shot through the back of the head. Plus no bicycle. It was a dispointing Christmas on many levels

…Because you could melt all this stuff…

…what’s arugala?’s a veg-a-table

1)whats your name? 2) Todd, it’s Italian for extra special.

1. (Talking to a parrot) Pretty bird. Pretty bird. Polly want a cracker?
2. It don’t say ‘Polly want a cracker.’
1. What do it say?
2. ‘You’re under arrest.

1. I wish I could remember what the other one looked like. 2. The turtle died, and you’re going to pass this one off as the dead turtle right? 1. Riiiight. 2. Trust me, they ALL look alike.

1. Next time I see you, you’ll be eating white bread. You’ll probably even like it. It’s not bad with egg salad once you get used to it.
2. It’s better than the slammer!
1. Yeah, keep telling yourself that, sweetheart.

1. The car you stole belongs to the Reverend Malcolm Dickinson, he is the minister of the presbyterian church here in Fryburg.
2. Are you sure he’s a minister? My best friend makes his living as a completely phony minister – for two bucks, I can make you a minister. Some guys steal your money, but these guys, they steal your heart.

Are you sure he’s a minister? I have a friend who makes his living as a completly phoney minister. For a couple hundred bucks I could make you a minister.

Are you sure he’s a minister? I have a good friend who makes his living as a phony minister. For two dollars, I could make YOU an minister. Some people they take your money, but these people…they take your HEART

Are you trying to say capeech?

are you trying to say capeesh, well dont do it, it hurts my ears

dont worry i didnt marry her under my real name

For $10 I’ll make you a minister

Gimme a drink the night Mary was shot, I think it was a Bloody Mary!

great day for mow.

Have a nice day.
Fuck You.

have a nice day. vinny: fuck you

Have you ever been wrong about anything before in your life?
Yes. Once.
The shoes, right? The shoes are tragic.

I never touched a gun in my life. That and that alone doomed me to
middle management.

I’d like you to meet my brother-in-law, Barney. He invented that valve dohicky on the artificial heart, don’t ask me to explain.

I’m gonna by you a flying zambo!

I’m in your debt forever, that’s how it works.

It’s Louie! Louie Vincinzi from San Francisco! How was she? Man’s so fast, he doesn’t wear pants, it slows him down. Don’t get him mad!

It’s not tipping I believe in. It’s over-tipping.

It’s Richie Richie Paluchi from San Franscisco. What are you doin’ here? The man is so fast he doesn’t wear pants, slows him down. Champagne for everybody, what a fantastic guy!

Like your shoes, it’s a miracle she lasted as long as she did.

Man-You know it’s dangerous for you to be here…


Man-Cause you could melt all this stuff.

MAN: You shouldn’t be in the frozen food aisle.WOMAN: Why?MAN: ‘Cause you could melt ALL THIS STUFF.

MAN: Would you like to dance?
WOMAN: Oh, I’m a terrible dancer.
MAN: So am I. But, I can do the merengue.
WOMAN: They’re not playing the merengue.
MAN: They will.

My favorite uncle, Uncle Alfresco

My mother used to say be careful of women on diets ’cause they’re always in a bad mood.

my name is Todd. It’s italian for extra special

Now when I say I’m with you, I don’t mean I understand where you’re coming from; I mean, I’m with you.

See, you see a problem. I see potential.

So he puts the side of beef in my trunk, when the weather’s cold, unbeknowst to me.

Spit that out! Spit that out right this minute, and return it to this woman!

The shoes, right! The shoes are tragic!

Vinnie: You know it’s dangerous for you to be in the frozen food section. Chaldene: Why? Vinnie: Because you could melt all this stuff.

Vinny- When did your wife leave?
Barney- October
Vinny- That’s when my wife left! What is it about the month of October?
Barney- I dunno. The pressure of Halloween? You never know what to go as!

What a day for a mow, eh?

What’s the difference between a light bulb and a pregnant woman? You can unscrew a light bulb.

what’s the difference between a lightbulb and a pregnant woman? …You can unscrew a lightbulb.

whats ur name?…Todd, it’s Italian for extra special

Why do you have this book?
What do you got a problem with books?
No, I don’t have a problem with books but why do you need 17 copies of it?
Well…in case I wanted to read it over again.

You know, sometimes I even amaze myself.

You know, you’re a good-lookin’ guy. Face it, you’re a better-lookin’ guy than I am. BUT I am always going to look them in the eye, and therefore, I am always going to get laid more than you, which is fundamentally unjust. You’re into justice. This argument should appeal to you.

You’re my boy blue!

Your a good looking, maybe better looking dan me. But I get all da gils because I look dem in the eye. Always look them in the eye.

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