Movie Quotes from Murder in the First: Quotes from the movie Murder in the First

–Did you kill Rufus McCain?
–I was the weapon, but I ain’t no killer.

–How do you think the Yankees will do against the Redskins this year?
–The Yankees are a baseball team. The Redskins are a football team.
Personally, I think the Redskins would kick the shit out of them.

–I will ask you what I want to ask you.
–And I answer what I want to answer.

Action, I win. Reaction, you can’t never take that away from me.

how is Dimaggio doing theses days?

I waited all my life for this moment, go for the kill win victory, school had prepared me well, my brother he had prepared me well. Years later he and I would reconcile, families, family ya know. Mary congradulated me on the victory but we had already begun to drift apart. When you only try to win, you sometimes lose sight of the goal, which should have always remained Henery.

Unlike many men who lived long after, Henri Young did not die in vain.
In the end he was not afraid. He lived and he died in triumphed. If
only we could all do that.

You created the murderer didn’t you?

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