Movie Quotes from Multiplicity: Quotes from the movie Multiplicity

(1) We’re gonna eat a dolphin. (2) No, no, we’re gonna pet a dolphin. (1) Oh yea, we’re gonna pet a dolphin.

Goodnight, Lance! Goodnight, Rico!

…and in the mornin, I’m makin’ waffles!

1) I’m gonna buy you a present! 2) Chainsaw?! 1)…Or a book, but something really nice!

1) We’re gonna eat a dolphin! 2) No, we’re going to pet a dolphin. 1) Oh ya, we’re gonna pet a dolphin.

1)Is it safe for him to be doing that? 2)Oh yeah, we took the blade out. Two and I shave him at night while he’s sleeping. It’s cute, I think.

1)Is this curried mayonaise? 2)Yeah. 1)I love curried mayonaise! 2)I know.

1)See ya, Doug. 2)Bye, Doug. 3)Bye, Steve.

1)She cried. 2)She cried? 1)Yeah, she said you don’t fix stuff.

1)Who ate all the Count Chocula? 2) Burglars…

1-I got a wallet. I’m gonna drive a car. 2-We’re gonna need a cage.


1…2…3…clone 4: 12!

Did you bring me a monkey?


doody head

good party steve..

haven’t you ever seen a guy wash another guy’s face before?

Hey Steve, come on up, I’m spittin on bugs.

Hi Steve

I got a wallet. That guy gave it to me.

I got a wallet.. a guy gave it to me.. i’m gonna drive a (car)

I got a wallet…I got a CAR!!

I had a bad dream. What was it? Huh? Oh I dont remember I was sleeping.

I like Pizza

I like Steve

I’ll hit you so hard, I’ll kill him

I’m gonna get you a gift. A chainsaw? or a book..

Lower than this? You want me to get under the car?

Maybe… i don’t remember

Me and Two shave him at night. I think its kinda cute!

She touched my pepe, Steve.

She touched my pepi Steve

she touched my peppy steve

She touched my peppy.

Sorry Shteve, that leg’s gonna have to come off

Sorry Steve, but that legs gonna have to come off..

Tell me what you want. I want pizza, get me some pizza!

Tuck, tuck, fold. T-T-F. Tuck, tuck, fold, or two tucks and a fold; agh, I just always think of Elizabeth Taylor then I think, tuck here fold there. It’s simple.


We’re going to go eat a dolphin. Bye Steve

We’re gonna need a cage.

What is going on with you? I call you at work and you bite my head off, then I come home and you’re as sweet as can be, and then you’re obsessing over every little detail. When you know what you want, will you just let me know?

yeah not much chance of that Rick..

You know when you make a copy of a copy? It’s not quite as sharp as the original.

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