Movie Quotes from Mother, Jugs and Speed: Quotes from the movie Mother, Jugs and Speed

–I happen to be the finest dermatologist in this city.
–Well, if acne breaks out, we’ll let you know.

–They don’t call me Speed for nothing.
–Well, let’s hope they don’t call you Speed for everything.

–You know, Mrs. Fishbein, you are a hell of a good-looking woman.
–He really is stoned.



He’s a veteran,God Damn it! We owe those people a debt we can never repay Yes,you owe everyone a debt you can never repay

I don’t have to tell you people, times are tough. You read the papers. The country’s going to hell. Now you take inflation. Recession. Welfare.

No Love Today.

Show me The Way.

You can’t bride city officials with I.O.U.s.

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