Movie Quotes from Model Behavior: Quotes from the movie Model Behavior

1: Oh my gosh, you’re like JANINE ADAMS! 2: And you’re like… REALLY familiar-looking.

1: There’s someone here to see you. He says his name is Josh the Informant.

Alex-I wonder…are meteors like shooting stars..can you make a wish on them.
Jason- sure…try (alex closes her eyes)You know..You know..your alot different then I thought you were gonna be
Alex- Ya dont say
Jason- Yeah I mean dont get me wrong or anything..but I always thought you were kinda stuck up…but your not…your like a regular teenager..kinda the way I’d like to be
Alex- But you are Jason…and whats so amazing is that your here with me..and your not running away
Jason- I would never run away from you
Alex- really? Thats what I wished for
(they lean in..and KISS)

From the superficial stars to the real ones…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all this…is that for the first time in my life..I’m just happy being who I am…just Alex Burroughs

is this what you’re trying to tell me, that you’re seeing another guy? just tell me one thing, you’ve been lying to me all along havn’t you? i thought i knew you…goodbye.

Josh, you aren’t a brother, you’re an INFORMANT.

Say cheesy!

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