Movie Quotes from Moby Dick: Quotes from the movie Moby Dick

(Alfred E. Neman, Mad Magazine, 1956) They call me fish meal.

(Famous first line.) They call me Ishmael.

(President Clinton reading famous American Classic in ovel office)Thar she blows.

1.Who is that man?
2.A new crewman, a rookie.
1.How do you know he’s a rookie?
2.He brought along 20 pound test line.

Call Me Ishmael.

From the hearts of hell, I stab at thee!

He rises.

I do not fear Moby Dick. I fear the wrath of God.

I seek the White Whale. Who sails with me? Gather around lads. A Spanish gold debluen for the first man that sights the white whale. DEATH TO MOBY DICK

Thar she blows.

What a fish. Look at the size of that white dick.

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