Movie Quotes from Mischief: Quotes from the movie Mischief

1) (acting like the guy he is talking to, first asking the question then answering it.) Can you drive a motorcycle? Shit yeah!!!

1) I can’t get kicked out of school again. 2) You got kicked out of school? Why? 1) I fucked two girls. 2) Come on. 1) Yep, their parents called the school to complain and they kicked me out. 2) Incredible!
1) Why? You never dipped your whip before? 2) Pardon me? 1) You’ve never had any poontang? 2) Well that doesn’t exactly make someone a freak you know. 1) Freak no, ferry maybe.

1) Marilyn. 2) What? 1) First of all I seem to recall that we had a lousy football team last year. Secondly, you can do whatever you want about the prom. And third, you and Jerry “Quarterback” Yeager can go fuck yourselves.

Live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse.

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