Movie Quotes from Mickey Blue Eyes: Quotes from the movie Mickey Blue Eyes

#1 And so finally to lot 125 A and another one of our occasional Jonathon Gratziosies. This unusual painting is called Die, Piggy Piggy, Die, Die.

#1 Please don’t. #2 What? Don’t what? #1 Just stop, just stop or otherwise I can’t go on. Just run normally. #2 I am running normally. #1 Oh or right, I’m sorry, I thought, well you know, I guess I haven’t seen you run before and I thought you were doing a funny run. #2 A funny run? That’s my run.

#1 So how are you feeling? #2 Well obviously its my first murder, on top of which I feel like I’m going crazy and I’m scared and the one person I want to turn to turns out to be a liar and a fraud but other than that…

#1 So I was right. #2 You were. #1 And smarter than you all along. #2 Yes. #1 And braver. #2 Much. #1 And more convincing at being shot. #2 Infinitly. Marry me Gina. #1 Would I have to be Mrs Blue Eyes?

#1 Well at least tell me what his restaurant is called, then I can sneak in, in a beard or something. #2 It’s called The La Trattoria. #1 You mean La Trattoria. #2 No #1 The La Trattoria means The The Trattoria. #2 I know. #1 Interesting. Look I have to go to the La Bathroom, and I’ll be back in a sec.

#1 What’s the matter with you. #2 I don’t know.

#1 You, You’re going to whack me. #2 Stop saying that you sound like an idiot. Vido wants me to do it at your wedding during your speech. I mean that way he figures he gets us both. You die and I loose Gina by killing the man she loves.

#1: (voice cracking) Hey…ged the hell outta hee #2: Forget aboud it #1: Forged aboud id #2: No, I mean shut up, please just shut up! (pause) #1: Forged aboud it

(carrying a dead body) Oh hello again, just getting rid of all the foods with sugar in them.

*with british accent*oh,im so sorry I cant apologize enough!*looks up at the italian guys,trys to talk like them* No pwoblem,we got it under contrwol.Forgedaboudit.Shut up asshole,I’ve had enough of youse.Shuud up!Get out of hee.All you Brwitish are the same,you all assholes!

– Coming from a different culture, it would be interesting to get your view on all these killings
– Well, to be honest I can’t say I approve. But I do understand it’s all part of your business and people only get killed who bring it on themselves…
– He means, the killings at Gina’s high school
– Oh. I’m against them

1. Fugedaboudit. 2. For-get aboouut it.

1. How would you like your steak cooked? 2.Raaa. 1. Raw? 2. Raaarr. 1. Rare? You talk funny.

A) Whaddya want to drink? B) Beeee. A) Beer? B) Yaaaa. A) You tawk funny!

A) You dog, you! B) Yes, I am a bit of a dog.

Any panics, any questions you just give us a call. Tony and Guy, don’t be shy.

Eat the fucking cookie!

I can’t marry you because of my father.

I thought you were doing a funny run. No, that’s my run.

Michael): Listen, did Gina just come back? Doorman): She came back, all right, crying her eyes out. She packed a bag, ran straight back out again. What the hell you been doing to her? Michael): I asked her to marry me.

Micky Blue. Yea Micky Blue

Not waitress, owner. Eat fucking cookie!

Not waitress… owner! Eat fucking cookie!!

Shut up, I had enough of youse!

Sold to you sir for $23 000 or $11 500 per buttock.

Tell me, why does Jesus have a machine gun?

The boy’s got an IQ of 174 and what do you get? An idiot.

This is a friend of ours. Little big Mickey Blue Eyes from Kansas city.

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