Movie Quotes from Miami Rhapsody: Quotes from the movie Miami Rhapsody

–Why do you always assume the worst about people?

1) Wait, I have to put on my thing. 2) What thing?? 1) My diaphram. And you should put on something on too, buddy. 2) We have to use two things? 1) Yeah, I don’t know where you’ve been. 2) I’ve been with your mother!

And will you love him in a boat, and will you love him on a float?

And will you love Leslie in the dark, and will you love her in the park? And will you love her on a train, and will you love her in the rain? And will you love her here and there, and will you love and keep Leslie everywhere?

Basically, the only substances I abuse are hair care products.

I just can’t imagine Mom having sex with another man. You know, I mean, I still shudder when I think of Mom having sex with you.

I remember thinking that this is a woman I could marry, if only she weren’t living with my oldest friend.

I’m a middle child, so I always feel like the really good moments are happening to someone else.

It’s just a good rule of thumb never to be older than your gynecologist.

It’s probably hereditary. My grandmother gets quiet, too. Of course, she’s had a stroke.

Marriage is a lot like Miami: it’s hot, and it’s terrible, and it’s sometimes dangerous. But if it’s so terrible, why is there all that traffic?

There’s so much substance in sitcoms, right?

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